Can a novice Xiaobai be a game agent?

Now, there are more and more users of various games, and the game market is becoming more and more popular. Therefore, many entrepreneurs turn their attention to game agents. However, when they start investing, they find that if there is no corresponding Experience, can they really do this? Today, I will introduce some newbies who want to become game agents.

What are the requirements to be a game agent?

1. The biggest advantage of the agency company is the freedom of time. It does not need to have fixed working hours like other companies. Therefore, the agency can choose the time they like to promote according to their own preferences. Second, there are no restrictions. As long as there is enough signal and network, communication can be carried out, so whether it is an office worker or a sideline, it is a good choice.

2. The biggest advantage of the agency company is that it has less investment and high income. After cooperating with the game alliance, as long as the person who pays can get a commission of money, the most important thing is that their commission is very high, and, considering The initial investment is low, which also proves that as an agent with little money, the best way is to be a game agent.

3. In view of the development potential of the game industry, domestic game agents account for more than 70% of the market share, which proves that the potential of the game agency industry cannot be underestimated, because the investment of game companies is increasing, and the development speed of the game industry It is also getting faster and faster, which means that more high-quality games will be born in the future, and at the same time, the game agency industry will also usher in a new growth.

4. The quality of the game is the most important thing, because the connection between the game and the players is the closest. In order to ensure the quality of the game, the game developers will also give priority to the quality of the game, so that the agents can better complete the game. own product.

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