Camry’s 40th Anniversary! Every generation has a Camry in their hearts

Today, the Camry celebrates its 40th birthday. In the 1990s, the imported luxury sedan “Camry” was introduced by word of mouth to GAC Toyota in 2006. The Camry has witnessed the take-off of China’s auto market and has accompanied the growth of several generations.

Everything is changing, the only constant is change itself. A generation of classic Camry, in the ever-changing auto market, has been evergreen for 40 years, and has achieved the name of the true flagship. What has changed is that Camry has been upgraded according to the changing needs of consumers. It dares to subvert and innovate. What remains unchanged is that each generation will At the same time, the best quality, the most luxurious experience, the best technology, and the best emission reduction solutions are brought to consumers, and it is constantly iteratively upgraded to consolidate the flagship status of mid-to-high-end sedans.

40 years mark

Create an era of global car quality

Looking at the history of Camry, it can be found that in the early days of its birth, Camry responded to the needs of the times and brought the products most needed by the market to consumers at that time. The second oil crisis broke out in 1980, and people urgently needed an economical sedan. In 1982, Toyota launched the front-drive model Camry (code-named V10), and the Camry series came into being. In the year of its release, it opened the world market with high quality of “saving worry” and “fuel saving”, and was rated as “the car with the lowest failure rate in the United States” and “the best cost-effective car” (Best Buys) by “Consumer’s Digest”, and achieved a double harvest of sales and reputation .

△The first generation Camry came out

The connection with the Chinese market began in the 1990s. In that era when the economy was starting up and the society was thriving, the Santana, Jetta, and Beverly, the “old three” in the Chinese auto market, were also symbols of identity and wealth. Camry entered the country in the form of import, called “Camry”, and the landing price exceeded 400,000 yuan. With its elegant posture, luxurious configuration and good driving performance, the Camry once became synonymous with comfort, quality and luxury sedan, and was the dream and feeling of the older generation. What has been passed down to this day are “a Camry that has been driven for 25 years and can still be driven with almost no repairs”, “Camry that can’t be broken” and other high reputations for the quality of Camry.

△The fifth generation of Camry, a generation of classic “Camry”

From Jiamei, higher than Jiamei. In 2006, China’s auto market entered an era when private ownership exceeded 20 million vehicles and entered a fast-growing fast lane. People’s demand for high-quality sedan cars was strong. In that year, in order to meet the market demand, the high-quality luxury car “Camry” that people are thinking of, the sixth-generation Camry was made by GAC Toyota and entered the homes of ordinary people.

△GAC Toyota made, the sixth generation Camry

Inheriting the technological leadership advantages of the previous generation models, the Camry has become a popular model at that time due to the good reputation accumulated by the Camry, coupled with the localization effect, and the price is more popular. After its listing, it has set a record of winning the monthly license of mid- to high-end sedans for 16 consecutive months. And in 2007 and 2008, Camry reached the top of the middle and high-end car market twice.

Later, after several facelifts and upgrades, the continuous evolution of the seventh-generation Camry, and the subversive launch of the eighth-generation Camry, the Camry, with its flagship value of “comfort, luxury, technology, and quality”, has set a new “Camry” in terms of sales growth. “Speed” , successively reached 100,000, 500,000, 1,000,000, 2,000,000 sales nodes in 2007, 2009, 2013, and 2020, achieved a speed that leads the same level, won the reputation of millions of car owners, and is known as “intermediate and senior” Sedan Value Flagship”.

40 years since its inception and 16 years in domestic production, what has paved the way for a generation of classic Camry is that each generation will bring the present better to users, making it evergreen in the cross-current of the auto market. So far, the Camry has sold well in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, with a cumulative sales volume of more than 23 million units. It is the first model to win the annual sales champion of mid- to high-end sedan in the two major auto markets in China and the United States at the same time. car” height.

Born out of subversion

The eighth-generation Camry leads value consumption

The business environment is changing rapidly. If a great company wants to achieve sustainable development, it must always have accurate insights into market trends, and always think about what products people need most at the moment. Throughout the 40-year evolutionary history of Camry, and even looking into the future, the eighth-generation Camry will be a light-like existence, a brilliance, and a guide.

The eighth-generation Camry was born at a time when the auto market was about to usher in an era unseen in a century. It was also the Toyota Motor, which had a global annual sales volume of over 10 million vehicles. The first model. At the end of 2017, GAC Toyota introduced the eighth-generation Camry in time , becoming the first domestic Toyota model equipped with the TNGA architecture . Regarding TNGA, when it was first launched, there were too many comments, and the best explanation is that since the application of TNGA’s car-making philosophy, Toyota’s achievements in the past few years have been obvious to all. In terms of market competition, this is Toyota’s largest car. success.

The most representative of these belongs to the eighth-generation Camry. Thanks to the blessing of the TNGA architecture, the eighth-generation Camry has been iteratively upgraded in all aspects of appearance design, power performance, fuel economy, driving quality, and safety performance. competitive advantage. Reflected in sales, in 2021, Camry will become the B-class car sales champion in the Chinese market with sales of 217,724 units. Affected by the epidemic and lack of cores, sales in the first half of 2022 reached 131,496 units, a year-on-year increase of 30.36%, making it the champion of mid- to high-end sedan sales.

At the same time, the flagship value of the eighth-generation Camry has brought a sales structure of “higher configuration and better sales” . Since 2018, more than 56% have been contributed by versions with a guide price of more than 200,000 yuan, achieving “volume sales + quality sales” and creating the Camry phenomenon.

In recent years, with the rise of new energy and smart connected cars and the rise of young consumers, people’s demand for cars pays more attention to younger appearance, driving pleasure and intelligent experience, showing a diversified consumption trend.

The reborn design of the eighth-generation Camry shows a luxurious and atmospheric temperament, which is aesthetically in line with the times; every part of all core components including the engine, gearbox, chassis and HEV system has been re-developed. , to achieve a jump in driving quality; it is equipped with a newly developed 2.5L Dynamic Force Engine engine with a thermal efficiency of up to 41%, achieving both high performance and low fuel consumption.

From the sense of quality to the sense of value , the eighth-generation Camry has won the recognition of Camry’s “iron fans” and new-generation consumers with its all-round advanced strength, laying the foundation for its new-generation B-class flagship’s multi-valued value.

The transformation of youth is not only reflected in product innovation, but GAC Toyota, which focuses on users, keeps up with the trend of the times and responds to consumers’ emotional demands for products. In terms of marketing, Camry has linked young brands through the creation of a life-playing season- playing “C” gravity series IP activities , strengthening communication and interaction with young consumers, focusing on playing innovative “C” gravity, and playing with fans. Create, create a Camry circle culture, form a pleasant symbiotic relationship with users, and achieve both product value and user relationship improvement.

The flagship value of the eighth-generation Camry is also achieved due to its reliable and durable quality, as well as the huge market holdings, so that the Camry has an ultra-high value preservation rate . According to the 2021 “Research Report on China’s Auto Value Retention Rate” released by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the Camry’s three-year value retention rate ranks first in the same class of joint ventures. In the JDPower 2021 value preservation rate list, Camry ranks first in the market segment.

Hybrid Trailblazer

Camry’s dual-engine opens up the era of electrification


In 2022, hybrid models are “popular” and are stirring up the “spring water” of the domestic auto market. As a pioneer and leader in China’s hybrid market, GAC Toyota introduced the first domestically produced mid- to high-end sedan hybrid model – the sixth-generation Camry hybrid version in 2010. This is the first mid-to-high-end sedan equipped with a hybrid system at its same level in China, and won the top hybrid sales of the year, establishing the value label of GAC Toyota ‘s “excellent fuel economy” and “more advanced driving quality” .

After nearly 25 years of technological innovation, Toyota’s fourth-generation THS II dual-engine hybrid system on the eighth-generation Camry is the culmination of today’s hybrid field, and it is more advanced and advanced. Hybrid technology. It is equipped with Toyota’s exclusive patented “black technology” PSD planetary gear, which avoids the clutch structure and smoothly combines the low-speed and high-torque characteristics of the motor with the advantages of the engine’s mid- and high-speed stamina. Smoother and quieter.

The 2.5-liter hybrid engine equipped with the eighth-generation Camry dual engine has a thermal efficiency of up to 41%. It is matched with a parallel-shaft hybrid transmission—a new generation of parallel-type E-CVT, which is more compact in structure and higher in efficiency. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is as low as 3.8 L, the lowest in the same class. The original intention of Toyota’s research and development of dual engines is to save energy and reduce emissions, and advocate low-carbon environmental protection. Camry’s dual-engine sales have accumulated over 170,000 units in 12 years, becoming the main flagship of emission reduction.

For users, the Camry dual engine also has the advantages of no mileage anxiety, and the battery is guaranteed and safer . A tank of fuel can easily last for 1000+km. Today, when the oil price is rising, it saves the cost of using the car. In terms of safety, in the past 25 years, Toyota’s global sales volume of dual engines has exceeded 20 million units, maintaining a record of zero battery accidents and zero fires. The battery durability is synchronized with the life of the vehicle. At the same time, GAC Toyota provides a lifetime warranty for the battery. Among the cumulative sales, the Camry 2.5L dual-engine hybrid model, which achieved “zero price difference” with the same-powered fuel-powered models, accounted for 52% of sales. In the wave of electrification, it continued to lead the high-value consumption trend of mid- to high-end sedans.

Starting with the Camry dual-engine, GAC Toyota has continued to introduce dual-engine hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric models, and its electrified product lineup has continued to expand. With the addition of naturally aspirated and turbocharging in the field of traditional internal combustion engines, GAC Toyota has achieved The mass production of a variety of power technologies, the first to complete the “full engine and full power” layout , and actively embrace the wave of electrification.

Born 40 years ago, after 30 years of market baptism in China, every generation has a generation of Camry, and Camry has become synonymous with quality and value. In 2022, GAC Toyota will also celebrate its 18-year-old coming-of-age ceremony. To meet the needs of the times and to continuously innovate and evolve, the Camry is the “cornerstone” for GAC Toyota to achieve millions of sales.

It is worth noting that Lingshang, which is positioned between Ralink and Camry, uses the same powertrain as Camry. The entire system is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine under the TNGA architecture. It is called “Little Camry” and inherits the quality of Camry. Gene, but has a lower entry threshold, allowing more users to enjoy GAC Toyota’s flagship quality sedan easily and without pressure.

Source | Crystal News Speed ​​City

Editor | Li Yifan