California Chinese gunman “accurately” shot and killed 7 people! The police station surrendered, wrote a farewell letter and asked his wife to take care of the children

This week, another small town in the United States has once again become the focus of attention across the United States and the world because of gunshots.

Half Moon Bay (Half Moon Bay), 30 kilometers away from San Francisco, California, is a seaside town with a population of only 12,000. The residents here are basically engaged in agriculture, fishing and tourism on weekdays. It is a quiet and beautiful paradise. However, following the shooting at the dance hall in the Chinese community on New Year’s Eve, another shooting that shocked the United States occurred here.

67-year-old Half Moon Bay resident Zhao Chunli (zhao Chunli, transliteration) fired consecutive shots at the Mountain Mushroom Farm and Concord Farms in Half Moon Bay, killing 7 people and seriously injuring 3 others. The victims were all farm workers here, basically all of Chinese and Mexican descent.

Farm worker recounts shooting scene

According to the information disclosed by the police, at around 2:22 pm on January 23, a shooting broke out at the mountain mushroom farm. After the police arrived, they found 4 victims dead, and another victim was sent to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. That same afternoon, three more victims were found dead at Concord Farm.

At the time of the incident, there were 25 people in the mountain mushroom farm, of which 6 were Chinese and the rest were Mexican. Because the time of the incident was after school, there were children at the scene of the shooting.

A farm employee at the scene said that he and the gunman were colleagues, and Zhao Chunli had been a forklift driver on the farm for the past six years. The shooting happened on Monday while they were both at work. When the shooting happened, he hid until the gunfire stopped. He saw that one person was shot inside and outside the greenhouse. He also saw the gunman leave the scene in a forklift.

He has known the suspect for six years, and Zhao is usually very friendly and a “good guy”. At present, the workers and their families of the two farms have been arranged in nearby hotels, and professionals are providing psychological counseling.

In addition, Zhao Chunli’s former employer Li Xiuzhong (Xizhong Li, transliteration) said that Zhao Chunli had worked for him for 1 year and 3 months many years ago, but he described Zhao Chunli as a “narrow-minded” who likes to make himself happy at the expense of others. Taking advantage: “If you give him a little bit more favor, he will be very happy and treat you well; but if he feels that he is not good, he will be dissatisfied with you and then ignore you.”

Li Xiuzhong also said that Zhao Chunli would report to him, saying that other colleagues were not serious enough: “He said he cared about the company, so he reported these things to me, but in fact those workers are very hardworking.”

Gunman turns himself in at police station

According to Zhao Chunli’s self-report revealed by investigators: On Monday, his colleagues ignored his complaints about the working environment, and then left on a motorcycle. Half an hour later, Zhao Chunli found the colleague with a gun and opened fire. He then returned to the greenhouse and shot another colleague.

He then came again to the trailer where the first colleague lived near the camp and shot the wife of the first colleague. Zhao Chunli also went to the farm where he had worked before and directly shot and killed a couple of former colleagues and another former colleague.

About two hours after the shooting, Zhao Chunli’s maroon Lexus SUV was found parked in the parking lot of the police station. Then three policemen approached the suspect’s car with weapons. The suspect then got out of the car and the police pushed him down. On the ground, handcuffed and taken away.

A semi-automatic pistol was found in his car. It is believed that this gun was his tool for committing crimes on two farms, and Zhao Chunli appeared in the parking lot of the police station. According to Zhao Chunli’s self-report, he stayed in the parking lot of the police station for two Many hours, waiting to surrender.

What is known about the case and the killer

The suspect, Zhao Chunli, is 67 years old this year, a resident of Half Moon Bay, of Chinese descent.

Zhao Chunli speaks mainly Mandarin and limited English.

His gun was purchased legally; this time he was alone, without accomplices.

The victims were all adults, all Asian and Hispanic, and the relationship between the gunman and the deceased were colleagues who worked on the same farm.

The suspect is currently working on a mountain mushroom farm, and another Kangkou farm used to be his work place, and all the current evidence points to workplace violence crimes (Work Place Violences).

Zhao Chunli told investigators that when he was working on two farms, he encountered disrespect from his colleagues.

In December 2022, Zhao Chunli and his wife sent money to China at a Chinese bank near the restaurant where they used to work.

After committing the crime, Zhao Chunli wrote a farewell letter to his wife, admitting that he shot and killed 7 colleagues, and asked his wife to take good care of their children in China.

Zhao Chunli once threatened to cut off the head of a colleague

Half Moon Bay County officials say this is not the first time he has been accused of violence against someone he worked with. In 2013, Zhao threatened and assaulted another roommate, according to court records obtained by CNN. He was issued a restraining order.

According to court records at the time, Zhao Chunli tried to suffocate his colleagues in the past, and even threatened to chop off the other’s head with a kitchen knife, which also supported the police’s speculation of “workplace violence”.

Court records show that in 2013 Zhao Chunli’s colleague and roommate Wang Yingjiu (Yingjiu Wang, transliteration) applied to the court for a temporary restraining order against Zhao Chunli, and the two were colleagues at a restaurant in San Jose. According to Wang Yingjiu’s application for an injunction order, he said that Zhao Chunli resigned on March 10 of that year, but two days later he broke into his room and demanded payment of his salary. Wang Yingjiu immediately stated that he did not have a check in hand, Zhao Chunli immediately threatened to kill him, and even grabbed the pillow Covering Wang Yingjiu’s face to suffocate him, Wang Yingjiu pushed him away with all his strength.

Wang Yingjiu said that he then yelled for help. Another roommate was going to enter the room to help, but Zhao Chunli locked the door behind him. The two began to wrestle on the bed. Wang Yingjiu finally persuaded Zhao Chunli to stop. less than. Court documents do not say why Zhao Chunli demanded Wang Yingjiu’s salary.

Two days later, Wang Yingjiu met Zhao Chunli again at home, and Zhao Chunli asked to return to work in the restaurant. According to what Wang Yingjiu wrote on the application for the restraining order: “If I can’t do it, the problem will be very serious, which is not good for everyone. It may be a threat to me and the restaurant where I work. Zhao Chunli threatened Said he would take a kitchen knife and chop off my head”

The judge later approved a restraining order against Zhao Chunli, stipulating that he should not come closer than 300 meters to Wang Yingjiu’s address and prohibiting him from buying guns. However, this paper restriction order expired in July.

Zhao Chunli faces 7 counts of murder

Chunli Chao has been charged with multiple felonies, including seven counts of murder, in Monday’s Half Moon Bay mass shooting that left seven people dead and one injured.

At a news conference Tuesday, San Mateo County officials said the shooting was considered a case of “workplace violence.” San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaff said the county will file an indictment charging Zhao with seven counts of murder, one count of attempted murder, each count of enhanced use of a firearm and Special circumstances charge of multiple murders.

U.S. gun crimes on the rise in new year

From New Year’s Eve to the second day of the New Year’s Eve, mass shootings occurred continuously, and everyone was shocked by the short time and great lethality. So far in 2023, the number of shooting incidents nationwide in the United States has exceeded the number of calendar days.

As of Tuesday, there have been at least 39 mass shootings in the United States since the beginning of the year, with at least 70 people killed and 167 injured in mass shootings, according to the Gun Violence Archive. The nonprofit tracks the spread of the so-called American disease and defines a mass shooting as a single incident in which at least four people are shot (other than the shooter).

The numbers mark a historic and fast start to this year’s mass shootings, with more mass shootings recorded so far this month than in any other month in the past decade, according to archives that have kept records since 2014. Although Congress has passed the most comprehensive federal gun control law in the past 30 years, it has strengthened background checks and encouraged states to pass so-called “red flag laws”.

With the recent spate of mass shootings in the wake of the recent spate of mass shootings, Americans are again calling for stricter federal gun control measures as state measures, including California, face the power of the Supreme Court, which has blocked a number of restrictions, including Buy high-capacity magazines.

On Tuesday, Biden reiterated the gun control bill proposed by Senate Democrats in a statement: “We know the scourge of coercive violence across America, and we need to take stronger action. Enact a ban on assault weapons and raise the minimum Raise the age to buy firearms to 21.”

“Once again, I urge both houses of Congress to act quickly to bring this assault weapons ban to my desk and act to keep American communities, schools, workplaces and homes safe,” Biden said.

From New Year’s Eve to New Year’s Day: Three of the deadliest shootings in America. Eleven people were killed Saturday night when a gunman opened fire at a dance studio in the majority-Asian-American community of Monterey Park as people gathered for Lunar New Year celebrations.

Ten hours later, at least 12 people were injured in a shooting at a Louisiana nightclub early Sunday morning in what authorities said was a “targeted attack.”

The next day, at least seven people were killed and one seriously injured in California’s second major shooting in three days, in Half Moon Bay.

“While I was at the hospital meeting with victims of the Monterey Park shooting, I was pulled to hear a report on another mass shooting, this time in Half Moon Bay,” California Governor Gavin Newsom said Monday. , tragedy ensued.”