BYD, what kind of powder is sprayed on the air outlet of your dolphin air conditioner?

Author | Wu Neng

1. Dolphin car owner: white powder is sprayed from the air conditioning port

The BYD Dolphin, which was launched in August 2021, recently reported that the air-conditioning outlet was blowing powder.

“After the air conditioner was turned on, a large number of white solid particles were sprayed out, with different sizes and continuous spraying.” A car owner broke the news on social media that as long as the warm air was turned on recently, white powder must be blown out of the car.

A BYD Dolphin rider photographed the phenomenon of air-conditioning blowing powder and is contacting the after-sales service. He said that the problem of powder spraying at the air outlet of his car’s air conditioner has been 2 months. At first, the after-sales service thought it was a problem with the air conditioner filter element, and proposed to replace the filter element. Later, he said that the air conditioner evaporator was faulty, but to replace the air conditioner evaporator, the instrument panel needs to be removed. The owner said the replacement would take a day. But after replacing the evaporator assembly, there is still the problem of air-conditioning powder spraying.

Another car owner removed the evaporator and found that the product was marked: the manufacturer is produced by the fifteenth division of BYD (Changsha Fudi Technology).

The videos and pictures obtained by “Chaoyuanli” show that car owners often use scotch tape to seal the air outlet of the air conditioner and then turn on the air conditioner. At this time, the powder is blown out and adhered to the tape.

Image source: Vehicle Quality Network

“Chaoyuanli” called BYD’s customer service, and the other party said it could solve it for free, but did not explain what caused the dusting.

BYD BYD official responded on October 22 that some air-conditioning pipes were oxidized and could be eliminated by cleaning the air-conditioning system. Owners with problems can go to the store for free solutions.

On the National Automobile Consumer Complaint Acceptance and Disposal Service Platform Vehicle Quality Online, such complaints have appeared frequently since late October. According to statistics, as of press time, there have been more than 100 complaints about BYD Dolphin’s “air-conditioning outlet blowing powder” problem. The same complaints have also appeared on Weibo, Douyin, and the automotive information platform Know Chedi.

2. Question focus: What is powder? Is it harmful to human body?

Based on the opinions of car owners, their questions mainly focus on: What is the powder substance? Is it harmful to human body? Manufacturers want to solve the problem of powder spraying? Is it possible to recall and compensate?

The Weibo titled “Master Wang, a car repair mechanic” posted that it can basically be judged that there is a problem with the evaporation box. The powder blown out is not dust, but aluminum powder. It is caused by the oxidation of the surface of the evaporation box, so it is the evaporation box. Quality issues.

The blogger pointed out that replacing the evaporation box requires removing the instrument panel, and there are many things to remove. The diameter of aluminum powder is small, and the nose hair is difficult to filter. If a large amount of aluminum powder is inhaled into the lungs, it will endanger the health of the body.

In response to the claim that the powder is aluminum powder, the chief engineer of a domestic car company told “Chaoyuanli” that it could not be aluminum powder, “Aluminum becomes powdery and then blown out, which can only be achieved under extremely harsh industrial conditions. “He believes that the possibility of aluminum powder can be ruled out.

According to its analysis, the powder may be debris from car paint or oxidation of plastic parts, or materials such as insulation. Because the manufacturer has not released the results of the investigation, he pointed out that it will take an on-site repair to know exactly what material turned into a powder.

The engineer also pointed out that the manufacturer needs to expand its production capacity because of the substantial increase in sales. Therefore, once the production line worker training and other links, once due to time constraints and other reasons, there is a probability of problems, which will affect the product quality.

3. Is it recalled? Experts say it depends

According to a report by Caijing Automobile, Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the Passenger Federation, pointed out that when car companies face the above problems, they should eliminate the

There are two main ways to affect the impact: if there is a relatively simple way to eliminate the impact, and the number of personality problems is not large, you can tell the owner to go to the 4S shop for a corresponding inspection. If it is a batch problem, take a corrective action for it.

So do you want to recall it?

Cui Dongshu told Caijing Auto that if there is a design defect, it should be recalled; if it is a supplier’s material problem, which is a batch fluctuation, it depends on the size of the batch and whether it will cause serious impact. At the same time, Cui Dongshu said that there are no examples of powder recalls due to air conditioner outlets.

BYD Dolphin was launched in August last year. It is a hatchback pure electric vehicle with a price range of 102,800 to 130,800 yuan. By the end of September, the cumulative sales of BYD Dolphins exceeded 150,000.