By giving back to the pioneers with the action of “high-preserving value-for-purchase”, what pain points has BAIC New Energy solved for users?

Due to the rapid development of the new energy industry and the rapid technological iterative updates, the value retention rate of new energy vehicles has always been criticized. Therefore, when purchasing a pure electric vehicle, the most worrying thing for consumers is that after a new car has been used for a year or two It was devalued and became worthless.


As a pioneer in the domestic new energy vehicle market, the BAIC New Energy Market established in 2009 has nearly 600,000 vehicles. In order to give back the trust and support of early users and help users solve a series of pain points such as battery life degradation, single intelligent function, and low replacement residual value, BAIC Group recently launched a “big move”!


It is reported that on the occasion of the 13th anniversary of BAIC New Energy, BAIC New Energy plans to launch the “high-value replacement” action. Old users can replace the BAIC Group’s polar fox vehicles and can enjoy the “original value” according to different models, years, mileage, vehicle conditions, etc. , 10% off, 20% off and other high-level replacement subsidy policies, and enjoy the highest user care policy of “the original value of the car purchase price”.


 In this way, the early BAIC New Energy old users not only have a much higher residual value rate than fuel vehicles of the same level, but also truly solve the pain point of “obsolete products” for users.


It is not difficult to see the corporate temperature and responsibility of BAIC New Energy to provide old users with real redemption rights. At the same time, from the perspective of the product, this further demonstrates the confidence and confidence that Jihu Automobile has grown from the shoulders of the giant, BAIC New Energy!


The persistence of “pure electric pioneer”


As China’s first independent operation and the first enterprise to obtain the qualification of new energy vehicle production, BAIC New Energy is not only the earliest pioneer in the whole Chinese auto industry to explore pure electric travel in the process of China’s new energy vehicle industry from germination to explosion, but also The most powerful founder of China’s new energy vehicle market “bigger and stronger”.


Since its establishment and development 13 years ago, BAIC New Energy has not only achieved a cumulative sales volume of nearly 600,000 vehicles, but also won the domestic pure electric vehicle market sales champion for seven consecutive years from 2013 to 2019. In 2018, BAIC New Energy successfully landed on the A-share market, becoming the first share of new energy vehicles in China.


 Frankly speaking, when fuel vehicles are still in the golden period of growth, there are only a handful of car companies that can focus on the future, keep calm, and always adhere to the research and development and exploration of new energy vehicles.


In the past 13 years, BAIC New Energy has not only insisted on a lot of investment and in-depth research and development, but its new energy map is not only limited to automobile manufacturing and sales, but also covers charging, operation, replacement, service, time-sharing rental and other green travel fields.


In addition, BAIC BJEV has innovatively explored the power exchange mode, and is the first company in the world to bring the rental power exchange mode into large-scale commercial operation.


 More importantly, compared with the total assets and operating income in 2013, today’s BAIC New Energy has grown by 42 times and 28 times respectively by 2021 through the development of the new energy vehicle market.


Of course, when it comes to BAIC New Energy’s outstanding performance over the past years, in addition to its excellent technology, BAIC New Energy has further guided the consumer market to shift to pure electric travel by launching services and care policies such as 30% off repurchase and BAIC Lease and Sales. Also very critical.


 As the saying goes, “All greatness comes from a brave beginning.”


Now it seems that if it wasn’t for BAIC New Energy’s past 13 years, based on reliable technology and innovative service models, it has taken the lead to taste the dividends of pure electric vehicle consumption, and let the entire industry see the explosive potential of new energy vehicles. The new energy vehicle market has yet to reach today’s heights.


Therefore, when the new energy vehicle market has gradually entered a new stage of simultaneous development of quality and quality, BAIC New Energy, as the pioneer and founder, has ushered in the best era.


The self-confidence of “technical masters”


First of all, BAIC BJEV is at the leading level in the industry in core technologies such as three electric and intelligent. Among them, in terms of three-electrical technology and platform architecture, from battery to motor, to electronic control, and finally to the new pure electric platform architecture, BAIC BJEV has built a complete set of core technology matrix.


 Up to now, BAIC BJEV has not only a highly integrated and lightweight Jifeng powertrain, but also a fourth-generation powertrain that can achieve performance indicators such as “no fire, all-weather, no inductive attenuation, and extremely fast charging”. High-performance power battery, and three platforms of BE21, BE22 and BE11. Among them, the BE21 platform has realized “technology going overseas”, creating a precedent for Chinese auto brands.


In terms of intelligence, BAIC BJEV’s third-generation centralized electronic and electrical architecture, independent development of intelligent cockpit software, and independent development of intelligent voice products are all at a relatively advanced level in the industry.


 Secondly, in addition to a high degree of independent research and development capabilities, BAIC New Energy has also integrated many leading high-quality resources in the industry, and has the advantage of “1+ more” resource integration.


In terms of vehicle manufacturing process, through cooperation with Magna, BAIC BJEV has introduced the MAFACT production system and the manufacturing standards of first-tier luxury vehicles for its high-end brand Polar Fox.


 In the field of intelligence, BAIC New Energy signed a cooperation agreement with Huawei in 2019 and jointly established the “1873 Davidson Innovation Lab”.


 In terms of batteries, BAIC New Energy has also jointly established the “1800 Volt Innovation Laboratory” with CATL, which has further integrated more innovative and stronger technical forces on the basis of BAIC New Energy’s battery research and development over the past years.


 In terms of the supply chain system, the strong endorsement of BAIC New Energy also brings a very high gold content to the supply chain of Jihu Automobile. Among the world’s 100 top suppliers, more than 70 have chosen the Polar Fox brand, including SK, Siemens Valeo, Bosch, BorgWarner, Harman, Michelin and other world-renowned suppliers.


“Long-termist” innovation


Car building itself is a marathon that tests “long-termism”. With the gradual completion of adjustment and transformation, BAIC New Energy has gradually ushered in an outbreak in this marathon.


Data doesn’t lie. In the first half of this year, BAIC Blue Valley’s revenue increased by more than 1 billion yuan year-on-year, an increase of about 43%. At the same time, compared with the same period last year, the cash flow of BAIC Blue Valley has also experienced a substantial increase this year.


 In addition to the gratifying performance, BAIC New Energy has also ushered in a “qualitative leap” in terms of sales performance.


In the first half of this year, under the influence of the outbreak of the epidemic in many places and the crazy rise in raw material costs, the cumulative delivery volume of the Polar Fox brand under BAIC New Energy has increased by more than 4 times compared with the same period last year, and both wholesale and retail are far ahead of the market. .


This undoubtedly gave a good start to Jihu’s next development speed and BAIC New Energy’s “high” situation.


On the basis of everything going well, BAIC BJEV is also constantly forging its own inner vitality through younger marketing, as well as a perfect ecological and service network. According to reports, on the charging service network, BAIC New Energy has completed the construction of more than 150,000 private charging facilities.


 In terms of sales channels, as of September 2022, Jihu Auto has opened and operated 171 stores, and this year, the number of marketing stores will reach 186. According to the plan, Jihu will achieve the scale of marketing service network covering 100+ cities and 380+ outlets in 2025.


With the continuous innovation of circle marketing, the continuous improvement of infrastructure, the continuous improvement and iteration of products, and the continuous upgrading of services, just ask, with the hot sales of new energy vehicles, who can refuse a company with technology, reputation, service, and service. What about responsible and warm new energy car companies?


Red dot observation:


Combined with BAIC BJEV’s “high value retention rate redemption action”, from the safety and stability of the battery, to the peace of mind and reassurance of the car service experience, to the bottom line and guarantee of the high value retention rate, aiming at the pain points of the user’s entire life cycle, BAIC New Energy has basically achieved full-scale solutions to pain points and enlarge desserts.


Taking the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise, BAIC New Energy has made a new demonstration in response to the development pain points of the industry, which is also the embodiment of BAIC New Energy’s responsibility as a “pioneer”.


It is believed that in the next market competition, under the conditions of high-quality products, high-value services and high-value-preserving car value retention rates, BAIC New Energy will also receive the attention and choice of more and more consumer groups.