Busy on blind dates on the fifth day of the new year, with more men than women, the car has become a “must test”

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the National Bureau of Statistics released the national population data at the end of 2022. In addition to the negative population growth, the imbalance of male to female ratio has also aroused continuous public concern.

Intuitively, by the end of 2022, there are 32.37 million more men than women in my country, which means that there are more than 30 million male compatriots who are still single. Coupled with the reduction of the rural permanent population by 7.31 million by the end of 2022, this is even worse for the male compatriots in the vast rural areas.

Judging from the author’s personal experience of going back to my hometown for the New Year, the difficulty of dating in rural areas may be beyond your imagination.

No, the author’s neighbor Xiao Zhang, on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year, according to the custom, he has to meet the God of Wealth, but his mind is not on this, but he entered the state of blind date early.

In his words, parents have been urging marriage for a long time. I originally wanted to meet a few more girls last year, but due to the epidemic prevention and control, many of them failed to invite success. This year, Vientiane will be renewed in 2023, and everything is going well. The direction of development, so act early. After all, the leftover men in the country are the invisible pressure in his heart, and he wants to get rid of the current state as soon as possible.

“I thought I would be able to get out of the singles in 2023, but the degree of difficulty is too great. The current blind date is very different from the past. It is a queue state that you can’t imagine. Thirty or forty boys compete to meet girls, just like It’s the same as a job interview, if the conditions are not good, you will be rejected in the first round, so you have to make all kinds of preparations.” Xiao Zhang said helplessly.

Because of this, Xiao Zhang, with the support of his parents, used his family’s savings for many years to pay the down payment for a 120-square-meter house in the county seat, and bought a Passat in installments with the remaining money. In this way, I have a garage, and I have a fairly stable job, so I have a certain advantage in front of “competitors”, at least I can win the chance to date girls.

It should be pointed out that the car has indeed become a must-have item now. Whether it is traveling by means of transportation, going out to play, visiting relatives and friends, or various scenes, a car is needed, which makes the woman require the man to have a car, and some even require twenty or thirty. Wan’s car. As the title of the article says, with more men than women, the car has become a “required question”.

Seeing this, some netizens may ask why a married young man like Xiao Zhang buys a car like Passat instead of the younger Accord and Camry. After all, Passat has always been labeled as business and prudent, and in the eyes of some netizens, it is a car driven by the father’s generation.

In fact, you may not know our local customs. Those people who got rich in the early days, such as contractors and factory owners, mostly drove a Passat or Magotan. Over time, Passat and Magotan were created to be synonymous with well-off families, and this feeling was passed down.

If you drive a Passat or Magotan to go on a blind date, put a small red flag on the center console, and put a gift in the trunk, the scene will be awesome, which can greatly increase the success rate of the blind date.

Of course, the current Passat has long since become “young”. For example, the new Passat’s younger and more dynamic star grille front face, on the basis of maintaining the elegance of Passat’s consistent B-class cars, has achieved younger and more fashionable. In the words of the majority of netizens, it is several years younger, and Xiao Zhang bought It is also this one.

Putting the presents in the trunk, Xiao Zhang drove off with the matchmaker, and his blind date journey will start in 2023. Although the “challenges” he faces are great, the author still sincerely hopes that he can get out of the singles as soon as possible , I also wish all male compatriots who have not yet married find their other half as soon as possible.