burst! Russian minesweeper damaged in airstrike

According to the TASS news agency, on October 29, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying that in the early morning of the same day, Sevastopol was attacked by a drone, and the minesweeper “Ivan Golubets” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet was damaged in the air attack. .

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov said at a press conference on the same day that the Ukrainian military dispatched 16 drones to attack Sevastopol, all of which have been destroyed by the Russian army.

TASS said this was the largest attack by Ukraine on Sevastopol since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

According to Ukrainian News Agency, an explosion occurred in Sevastopol on the morning of the 29th. The Russian military claimed that the Black Sea Fleet troops were responding to the “drone attack” over the local area. The Russian side also stopped the movement of civilian ships and blocked it. the port. Anton Grashchenko, adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, said on social media that the Russian navy “Admiral Makarov” frigate was damaged in today’s attack, but Grashchenko did not publish any conclusive evidence to prove it. at this point.

According to the “Russian Daily” report, when the Ukrainian drone attacked in the Bay of Sevastopol, an American “Global Hawk” unmanned reconnaissance aircraft taking off from Italy flew over the neutral waters nearby.

Xiaobian Z