BUG full screen, krypton gold experience is very poor! Is Overwatch 2 really worthless after three years of holding back?

Recently, Blizzard’s “Overwatch: Homecoming” (referred to as OW2), which was launched on October 5, has also become a very hot topic in the game circle. After all, the original 198 game can now be played for free, which naturally attracted the attention of a large number of new and old players. But this time, as the return work of “Overwatch”, OW2’s road to launch can be described as difficult, and the MC score has dropped to a low score of 1.4.

First of all, in the less than a week after the game was launched, players have experienced many major bugs, automatic skin purchases, sudden enhancement of fortress firepower, unlimited bullet attacks, automatic shutdown or restart… Although Blizzard officially announced the first time Immediately responded to these questions and gave some corresponding compensation, but it also caused the players to complain, and scored extremely low scores in anger.

But after all, there is a generation of reputation ahead, plus the name of Blizzard, even if OW2 has various problems after it was just launched, it is still very popular on the live broadcast platform. With a popularity of 670,000, it can be regarded as a hot new game at the moment.

However, after the official release of “Overwatch: Homecoming”, it only shows the updated PVP gameplay, and it was reported at the press conference in 2019 that the content of PVE gameplay will be released, but it is reported that it will not be released until next year. It will be released in quarterly update mode. Could it be that it is really difficult to adapt competitive games and PVE gameplay, so that Blizzard has not successfully polished it after 3 years?

In fact, in the recently popular domestic martial arts competitive game “Eternal Calamity”, although the core gameplay of the game itself is the game mechanism of hardcore battle and martial arts battle royale, in the anniversary version some time ago, the official eternal robbery Launched the new PVE mode of “Road to God”. In this mode, players will face the powerful attacks of the BOSS Vientiane, and the BOSS with nightmare level difficulty is comparable to the difficulty of soul games, which has instantly become a nightmare for countless players. .

And this is just the beginning. When most players have tried for a period of time and improved their character levels, they can also win in the face of BOSS, and the official Yongjie is once again preparing to expand their moves. You must know that under the official optimization, the difficulty of the nightmare-level human-machine mode has been extremely terrifying, and this time the upcoming new BOSS fears that the difficulty will increase by a gradient, and some players even speculate that the nightmare human-machine may become a BOSS. My little brother, if this is the case, then the new PVE will be too difficult.

However, fortunately, with the launch of the new PVE, the official Yongjie also broke the news of the new soul jade system gameplay. When players kill vine ghosts, elite monsters, and open treasure chests in PVE, they will get different qualities of soul jade. These Soul Jade will no longer be limited to 6 Soul Jade equipment slots, but will have a dedicated Soul Jade warehouse. Players can not only use Soul Jade to improve their own strength, but also those redundant and useless Soul Jade can be synthesized and converted into new ones. The soul jade, to match different roles.

The update of the Soul Jade system also gave “Eternal Calamity” the characteristics of PVE development, but it is not like in many MMO games, which requires players to go to krypton gold to refine the equipment and props. Currently, the mode is adopted. The completely free acquisition and conversion channels have not changed the original operation mode of the game. From this, we can also see that “Eternal Calamity” is also abandoning the original singleness, and developing a more diversified model.

Although the PVE gameplay of “Eternal Calamity” is just the beginning, it also proposes a feasible direction for the combination of competitive games and PVE gameplay, and other games can also learn from the advantages for purification. So, what do you guys think about this?