Brown and James trash talk, the Lakers let him go and punish him

  On October 27th, Beijing time, James is one of the greatest players in history, but he will be 38 years old, and sometimes he is powerless on the court. In today’s game, even teenager Bruce Brown dared to talk trash to him.

  The Lakers lost to the Nuggets 99-110 and are still winless in the new season. The Lakers were terrible from the outside, making 8 of 30 shots and only 26.7 percent from the field. James is also average from the outside, making 2 of 8 shots.

  Brown is not a good 3-pointer, but made 4 of 6 shots from beyond the arc today. The Lakers’ plan was to let him shoot, only to be punished.

  After a 3-pointer against James, Brown started talking trash, “Your game plan didn’t work, sir,” Brown said.

  He was mocking the Lakers for letting him shoot. On this night, he did abort the Lakers’ plan,

  Brown’s career three-point shooting percentage is only 33%, and the shot is very few, averaging 1.3 per game.

  Brown also broke out when the Lakers defense opened, scoring 18 points, just one point less than James.

  The Lakers will also meet the Nuggets this weekend, and I believe that they won’t let go and let Brown vote. (Angkor)

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