British Ministry of Defense: British troops did not participate in the destruction of the “North Stream” natural gas pipeline

According to CCTV news, according to the TASS news agency, the British Ministry of Defense stated on October 29 local time that the British army was not involved in the destruction of the”North Stream” natural gas pipeline.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said on the 29th local time that the Ukrainian army dispatched drones and unmanned ships in the early morning of the same day to attack ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and civilian ships anchored at the Sevastopol base. Russia said the preparations for the attack and the training of personnel from the Ukrainian Special Maritime Operations Centre were carried out under the leadership of experts from a British naval unit. According to the available information, representatives of the British Navy participated in the planning and implementation of the sabotage operation against the “North Stream” gas pipeline at the end of September this year. Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova said that Russia intends to draw the attention of the international community, including the United Nations Security Council, to a series of attacks on the Russian Federation in the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea that Britain participated in. (Headquarters reporter Wang Bin)

Edited by Zhao Xi