Breaking 5 billion! This movie is urgently withdrawn

During the Spring Festival

There must be a lot of people going to the theater to watch movies, right?

The box office data of 7 films in the Spring Festival file

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According to the real-time data of Beacon Pro

As of 21:00 on January 25

2023 Spring Festival stalls total box office (including pre-sales)

Breaking through the 5 billion yuan mark


“Man Jianghong” sold 468 million yuan in a single day

“Reverse decline” for two consecutive days

Currently leading the Spring Festival stalls with a box office of 1.84 billion yuan

Lighthouse Professional Edition data shows that at 15:00 on the 25th, Wu Jing’s personal total box office exceeded 30 billion , reaching 30.062 billion yuan, becoming the first actor in Chinese film history to achieve this box office achievement.

This year’s Spring Festival file can be called the veritable “strongest in history”. Various film companies have produced the hardest fist products, with various types, and each one is quite bright. However, this year’s Spring Festival films also show some “focus” characteristics that are different from previous years. In addition to changes in the market structure, as more and more audiences enter the theater, discussions about various films are also further fermented.

Zhang Yimou: I have one regret

On the first day of its release during the Spring Festival, “The Wandering Earth 2” topped the box office of the day with a box office of more than 500 million yuan, and was the first to break through the 1 billion mark. Two days after its release, “Man Jianghong” achieved a “reversal” at the box office, surpassing the previous leader “The Wandering Earth 2”. At the same time, “Man Jianghong” surpassed the box office of “Above the Cliff” with 1.191 billion yuan, becoming Zhang Yimou’s highest-grossing work among the films released in the mainland .

While “Man Jianghong” achieved good box office results, director Zhang Yimou revealed in an exclusive interview that there was actually a “bold creative idea” that did not come true, which was a pity for him and the entire crew.

Zhang Yimou revealed in the interview that I originally wanted to use one shot for the whole movie, but it was not adopted in the end . Before, I told all the actors to use one shot to the end. Everyone was very excited, but the challenge was too great, and there was nothing wrong with it. At that time, all the actors were scheduled according to the schedule prepared by Yijing. After thinking about it for more than a month, Zhang Yimou still decided to give up.

Chinese ping pong withdraws

On the evening of January 25, “Chinese Ping Pong: The Jedi Counterattack”, which was only released for two days, announced its withdrawal. It was adjusted to a small-scale screening from the fifth day of the first day (January 26), and the official release was postponed to February 17 . As of the evening of the 25th, the total box office of the film’s screenings and pre-sales exceeded 42 million yuan. Regarding the reason for the withdrawal, the producer stated in the announcement: “Due to major mistakes and serious deficiencies in the decision-making, preparation, and promotion of the publicity and distribution team, the film fell into a particularly passive situation during the Spring Festival.”

“The Jedi Counterattack of Chinese Table Tennis” was originally the only sports blockbuster in the Spring Festival. The story of the film is inspired by the history of national table tennis. It tells the story of the sudden emergence of the Swedish men’s table tennis team in the early 1990s. The champion, the Chinese men’s table tennis team is deeply trapped in the dilemma of backward technical and tactical play and training conditions. It has entered a trough period. It is a story of the national table tennis team “rushing to the light” from the “muddest” years. 

Halfway through the Spring Festival holiday

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Source: Dongfangwang Comprehensive News, Shangguan News

Editor: Wan Boyang