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Crisis PR Principles

(1) The famous three “Ts”

(1) Tell your own tale (mainly provided by me)

(2) Tell it fast (provide the situation as soon as possible)

(3) Tell it al (provide all circumstances)

The three “T” principle of crisis management is proposed by British crisis public relations expert Rijest. It emphasizes the importance of grasping the release of information in crisis management.

The xxx “T” emphasizes that the organization should keep in mind the initiative to release information when dealing with a crisis, and should implement the “spokesperson” system to ensure the authenticity of the information.

The second “T” emphasizes that when dealing with a crisis, the organization should

Crisis PR

Continually publish information. The crisis management team needs to work in a fully equipped crisis control center.

The third “T” emphasizes that information release should be comprehensive and truthful, and must tell the truth. The more you hide the truth, the more suspicion will arise.

(2) The principle of the supremacy of the public

This is the core principle of public relations and the core principle of crisis management. Without this principle, small crises will turn into big ones. The principle of public supremacy in crisis management is also reflected in the need to implement humanitarian principles. Crisis can lead to loss of life and property in many cases. Therefore, in crisis management, we must first place the victimized public in the first place, only in this way can we appease the audience and resolve the crisis as soon as possible.

(3) The principle of maintaining reputation

Maintaining reputation is the purpose and starting point of crisis management. The reputation of an organization is the life of the organization, and the occurrence of a crisis will inevitably have an impact on the reputation of the organization, sometimes even fatal. So when dealing with a crisis, it’s all about upholding the reputation of the organization.

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