Brand CEO commented on Xiao Zhan: Innocent, career-oriented artist is reassuring

In the past two years, Xiao Zhan has successively cooperated with many brands and has become the spokesperson of many brands, and the titles given by many brands are of the highest level. I can feel that most of the cooperation partners have high hopes for Xiao Zhan. 

The achievements Xiao Zhan has made in the past few years are indeed very exciting. The feedback he has given to various brands is very good, and the income created is not cheap. Therefore, on the basis of such achievements, Xiao Zhan will have more and more achievements. More and more brands have the intention to cooperate with it. 

This year, Xiao Zhan has cooperated with more than 30 brands one after another, and the CEO of a brand that Xiao Zhan cooperated with recently publicly gave Xiao Zhan a high evaluation.

Xiao Zhan has been seen by senior leaders of partner brands more than once, because many times after brand officials announce Xiao Zhan, the sales of related products will be very high, and many products will be sold out of stock as soon as they are put on the shelves. 

This is very worthy of attention for many brands. The spokesperson who can bring such great benefits is Xiao Zhan, so the relevant leaders of the brand will naturally pay attention to Xiao Zhan. Every time they take stock of the brand’s annual report or sales battle report Xiao Zhan is always mentioned. 

Including this time when the brand mentioned the sales of the last year, he also emphasized that in the months of cooperation with Xiao Zhan, the sales increased by 2.5 times compared with the same period before. 

There have always been some voices claiming that many of Xiao Zhan’s data are fake, but in fact, many brands of the brand have given official certification, the purchasing power of “Peter Pan” does not need to be questioned at all, the distribution group of Xiao Zhan fans, At all ages, there are also very financially independent fans. 

Many of the brands that Xiao Zhan cooperates with are also consumables used in daily life. In addition to Xiao Zhan’s reputation, he has always been very good. The endorsements of the cooperation are carefully selected by him, which will naturally attract many passers-by fans Xiao Zhan. The passers-by plate is also not to be underestimated. 

Not only does Xiao Zhan need to do some understanding when choosing a partner brand, in fact, when brands choose a spokesperson, they will also go through a lot of investigation and research, and do some risk assessment. 

Because the entertainment industry has not been very stable in recent years, more and more artists have turned over, and even some artists who have been active in front of the camera for many years and have been steadily popular for many years, because of some negative news, over the years Efforts were in vain. Therefore, the brand side has also become a risk investment in the selection of spokespersons. 

This time, the CEOs of related brands also emphasized when they mentioned their cooperation with Xiao Zhan that they had actually conducted some research and inspections on Xiao Zhan, and believed that Xiao Zhan was an innocent artist. 

In fact, fans will feel very moved when they see someone describe Xiao Zhan as innocent, because Xiao Zhan has indeed experienced a big storm before. During this storm, Xiao Zhan’s negative news is overwhelming.

Most of the news contained a lot of doubts, but at that time, things were so turbulent that many netizens could only be blindly guided by public opinion. 

Now that Xiao Zhan’s career has become more and more stable, and he has received more official certifications, there are more and more brands and film and television dramas. If you want to cooperate with Xiao Zhan, this can show that Xiao Zhan is recognized. .

Moreover, Xiao Zhan’s professionalism is getting stronger and stronger, and many brands will also value this professionalism. After all, professionalism is the foundation of all development.