BOE (BOE) technology empowers Jingdezhen to inject new engines and new vitality into the smart cultural tourism park

  On October 29, the BOE IPC 2022 Smart Cultural Tourism Park Industry Summit was held in Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative District, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province. Industry experts and business representatives from the cultural and tourism industry gathered in Taoxichuan to discuss the development of the cultural tourism industry in Taoxichuan. Exploration and practice in intelligent transformation and digital upgrading, discussing new concepts, new patterns and new trends of industrial development. During the same period of the conference, the participants also deeply experienced the smart park solution built by BOE (BOE) for Jingdezhen Tao Xichuan. With the new engine of Internet of Things innovation technology of all scenarios, all elements, full cycle and end-to-end, it helps Jingdezhen, a thousand-year-old porcelain capital, to rejuvenate. The new vitality and infinite charm of intelligence and convenience have become another new example of BOE (BOE)’s “Internet of Things” strategy empowering thousands of scenarios.

BOE (BOE) technology empowers Jingdezhen

  ”The smart cultural tourism park business is the representative of many of BOE’s transformation businesses. The smart park gives full play to BOE’s core capabilities accumulated in the field of semiconductor display, and undertakes the development strategy of ‘Internet of Things for Screens’, even if the screen integrates more functions, derives more forms, Implant more scenarios, continuously empower thousands of scenarios, and continuously improve the value creation capability.” Cheng Gang, senior vice president of BOE (BOE), mentioned.

  At present, the cultural and tourism industries are at a critical stage of high-quality development. The development of cultural tourism parks has risen strongly and has landed nationwide. At the same time, digital technology is also helping the cultural tourism industry to enter a “new track”. Based on the Internet of Things strategy of screens, BOE uses technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and AI algorithms to build a digital integration platform for the park to support the implementation of smart park solutions. As one of the benchmark cases of BOE’s smart park solution, BOE has built a smart park solution covering management, service and operation for Jingdezhen Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative District and Taoyangli Historic District. A series of intelligent and comprehensive solutions integrating software and hardware created by the operation and management innovation of the cultural tourism park have been implemented in all scenarios such as traffic, residence, information guidance, and energy efficiency management in the Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative Block, including access control and building automation. , information release, conference system, energy management and other 32 equipment subsystems, providing operation and management service experience for Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative Block.

  Among them, the convenient access solution can accurately navigate to the parking space through the mobile phone applet of tourists, and get rid of the difficulty of finding a car and parking; the hotel room intelligent control solution helps the room to realize the intelligent control of lighting, curtains, background music, TV, air conditioning and other equipment. Real-time feedback on room conditions, guest needs, service conditions, equipment conditions, etc., to improve living experience information, and truly realize an intelligent “unmanned” hotel management model; the tour solution helps realize the management of the park’s unified information release platform, allowing The park service introduction, restaurant food introduction, activity introduction guide, scenic spot guide and other outdoor park information are integrated and presented with indoor space information such as live broadcast base and release hall; Formulate and provide energy efficiency and emission reduction strategies to help the park’s energy efficiency management achieve dual carbon goals.

  As a successful practice case of the “Internet of Things on Screen” strategy in the park scene, the deep integration of “screen” and “Internet of Things technology” is within easy reach of the Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative District, injecting new engines and new vitality into the intelligent upgrade of the park. Among them, “screen” includes not only perception screens in scenarios such as information release and smart lighting, but also interactive screens for customer service interaction, display of operational data, and comprehensive operation and maintenance management; at the same time, BOE (BOE) independently developed Artificial intelligence technology has also achieved large-scale application in the smart upgrade of Taoxichuan Cultural and Creative Block, empowering more than 20 applications such as visitor identification, vehicle traffic, OCR identification, object identification, and data analysis, providing “full-scene intelligence” . Taking vehicle traffic as an example, Tao Apartment’s parking lot has now launched an intelligent traffic service of “parking custody”. The embedded artificial intelligence recognition technology enables the monitoring equipment to have the ability to identify vehicle status. Once it recognizes the illegal parking of vehicles in the park, it will automatically Trigger the work order alarm, notify the management personnel to deal with it in time, provide tourists with a visual display of the parking space status, realize the non-sensing switch between indoor and outdoor parking spaces and real-time navigation for car search, and improve the user travel experience.

  As a global IoT innovation enterprise, BOE (BOE) is constantly accelerating its integration into thousands of scenarios on the road of exploring the innovation of “Internet of Things on the Screen”. Its smart park solutions have been applied in more than 20 cities including Beijing, Tianjin, and Chongqing. At the same time, it successfully joined the smart park working group of the National Intelligence Standards Committee to promote the construction of the park standard system. In the future, relying on the profound accumulation in the display field and the strong self-research and ecological capabilities in the field of Internet of Things innovation, BOE (BOE) will blossom in more application scenarios, lighting up people’s smart life.