BMW X3 car sound insulation modification and upgrade are two-pronged, quiet and comfortable!

The overall performance of this BMW X3 is still very good. After all, it can be regarded as the configuration of a luxury brand. It is still very good in power and performs very well. I am quite satisfied with the sound insulation effect, which is very good in most cases, and there is still some tire noise and wind noise when driving at high speed.


BMW X3 car sound insulation modification and upgrade configuration list:

Part 1: Four door environmental protection barley environmental protection sound insulation

Part 2: Fender environmental protection barley sound insulation

High-end car interior ambient light


Many riders responded that the BMW X3’s sound insulation and noise reduction effect is very general. When the vehicle is driving in a low gear, the quietness in the cabin may be very good, but when the speed is increased, various car noises, wind noise , the road noise will gradually come, and it is very easy to endanger the driver’s mood, but the sound of the noise is not too high, and it is not a big problem to turn the song up a little. The inner and outer sheet metal parts of the four doors are covered with environmentally friendly barley sound insulation, and the double-layer sound insulation can effectively reduce the noise outside the door! Anti-vibration, enhance the rigidity of the door panel, block heat!


When the car is driving at high speed, it will also generate a large amount of tire noise, and this kind of noise is mainly transmitted to the interior of the car through the wheel arc and other parts. Therefore, barley environmentally friendly shock-absorbing glue material is used for construction and attachment, a second layer of sound insulation cotton is applied on the shock-absorbing glue, and sound-absorbing cotton is used for the inner lining of the fender. The wheel arc of the car has been carefully sealed, which directly cuts off the transmission path of tire noise and reduces the introduction of tire noise.

The sound insulation of BMW X3 has been successfully completed after the professional technical treatment of our Kunming sound insulation modification technicians. The effect has been confirmed after the modification and upgrade. The sound of the car when driving is a little milder, the tire noise and wind noise are reduced, and the overall ride comfort is good. Greatly improved, let the car owner get rid of the previous noise trouble, say goodbye to the noise!

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