Blizzard releases trailer for “World of Warcraft” 10.0 animated short, the first episode will air on October 25

Blizzard officially released a more than 1-minute preview of the new animation of “World of Warcraft” 10.0, which is scheduled to premiere on October 25.

Starting from Mists of Pandaria, it has become a tradition for World of Warcraft to make animated short films for new expansions. The short films usually have 3-6 episodes, and each episode is a few minutes long, telling the background story of the new expansion and attracting players’ attention.

The 10.0 animation is named “Legacy” (legacy) and is divided into four episodes. The first episode is scheduled for October 25. The trailer is a dictation of Nozdormu of the Bronze Dragonflight, speaking to Ambertar, the commander of Dragon Hill. After waking up from a 10,000-year slumber, the Longhill family still has a lot to do. The entire series focuses on the history of the Dragon Age shared by Nozdormu and Ambertar, with the trailer showing the Rise of the Dragons after Galakrond’s defeat, the Fall of Deathwing, the War of the Ancients, the Dragons The captivity of Er, the incarnation of the ancestor dragon and other fragments.

After the first episode aired, the subsequent episodes were all broadcast on Tuesday, with the last episode scheduled for November 15th, the same time as the opening of the second phase on the eve of 10.0, where players will be able to create Dragon Hill Evokers.

Nozdormu is one of the most mysterious dragons in the history of Warcraft, and many people hope to learn more about the dragon family through this short film with him as the narrator.