Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics Snowflake Seat Cover Cultural and Creative Package Opens Booking for Innovative Winter Olympics Heritage Environmental Reuse

The picture shows the dark pattern bag woven with the word “Bird’s Nest”. Photo courtesy of Bird’s Nest

  China News Service, Beijing, October 29 (Reporter Chen Hang) The reporter learned from the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) that the Bird’s Nest actively practices the concept of sustainable development and green environmental protection, and makes full use of the seat cover, one of the Winter Olympics heritage, to develop cultural and creative products. . After careful classification and disassembly, professional cleaning and disinfection, and meticulous design and production, the first batch of 3 types of Bird’s Nest Winter Olympic Snowflake Seat Covers Environmental Recycling Cultural and Creative Packages were officially launched on the morning of the 29th and seat selection and reservations were opened.

  Each Winter Olympic Snowflake Seat Cover cultural and creative package is equipped with a code plate that matches the seat number of the grandstand. The public can book their own seat area and number in the Bird’s Nest through the “Nest Ticket” applet booking system, and choose the one they like. shape.

The picture shows the first batch of cultural and creative packages for the environmental protection and reuse of snowflake seat covers in the Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics. Photo courtesy of Bird’s Nest

  Seat cover developed into a cultural and creative product

  The National Stadium (Bird’s Nest) is the world’s first venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. This landmark sports building carries a heavy Olympic heritage and memory. Bird’s Nest made full use of the seat cover, which is one of the heritage of the Winter Olympics, to develop cultural and creative products, and actively practice the concept of sustainable development and green environmental protection.

  According to the Bird’s Nest, in order to meet the audience’s needs for warmth and spacing, and to consider the overall atmosphere of the opening and closing ceremonies, this Winter Olympics has added a warm-keeping function to the red and gray seats of the original 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. seat cover. The total number of seat covers is more than 80,000, which are divided into ordinary type and interval type. The ordinary type seat cover adopts the solid color Winter Olympic blue element, and the interval type seat cover adopts the Winter Olympic blue and Winter Olympic snowflake elements. The spacer type seat cover acts as spacer and decoration. During the Beijing Winter Olympics, the spacer seat cover was not used for seating, but physically separated people from each other, meeting the principle of “seating every other seat” required by the competition.

  It is reported that the seat cover fabric of the Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics is made of high-elastic mesh fabric, commonly known as sandwich fabric. It has the characteristics of firmness and durability, light texture and strong comfort. It is a boutique in warp knitted fabrics. At the same time, in order to meet the fire protection requirements, flame retardant ingredients are added to the fabric. The bird’s nest is an outdoor venue, and the open-air environment is not suitable for long-term storage of chair covers, and the direct destruction of flame-retardant fabrics is not conducive to environmental protection considerations.

  How to make good use of the seats for the Winter Olympics has become a new topic for the Bird’s Nest operation team. After several rounds of discussion and brainstorming, combined with the specifications and dimensions of the chair cover, in order to maximize the reuse of physical objects, while taking into account the commemorativeness and practicality, the cultural and creative package has become the preferred direction for the development of this project.

  Add accessories such as auxiliary fabrics and linings

  Bird’s Nest said that on the basis of adhering to the concepts of environmental protection, innovation, fashion and practicality, the professional design team, in line with the design concept from “big simplicity” to “refined”, has carried the cultural connotation of “Beijing Winter Olympics Memory” throughout its creation, so that The Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics seat cover environmental protection and reuse cultural and creative package has more profound characteristics.

  In order to fully present the characteristics of each snowflake, after repeated tests and adjustments, the seat cover was finally designed into different styles of products. At the same time, accessories such as auxiliary fabrics, linings and zippers were added to further enhance the practicability and firmness of the cultural and creative package. sex. Dark-patterned straps woven with the words “Bird’s Nest” and “2022”, equipped with an exclusive coding plate consistent with the seat number of the grandstand, and the innovation of “booking seats” in the Bird’s Nest seats at will through the “Nest Ticket” applet booking system custom mode.

The picture shows the spacer seat cover with Winter Olympic Blue and Winter Olympic Snowflake elements. Photo courtesy of Bird’s Nest

  In the first phase, 3 cultural and creative packages were launched simultaneously

  The first batch of online Bird’s Nest Winter Olympics seat covers are environmentally friendly and reused cultural and creative packages, all using snowflake seat covers for spacers. After the seat cover is removed, it is professionally cleaned, sanitized and sorted, and it is as clean as new. According to reports, the entire washing process is highly automated, and the seat cover is washed from entering the sorting system to drying without any human intervention, effectively avoiding secondary pollution.

  In the first phase of the product, 3 cultural and creative packages were launched simultaneously. Among them, the 01 cultural and creative package is formed by combining the spacer snowflake seat cover and other accessories. The 02 and 03 cultural and creative bags are also made of spaced snowflake seat covers and other accessories.

  In addition, cultural and creative products developed with solid-color Winter Olympic blue seat covers are also in the testing process, and all seat covers will be 100% environmentally friendly and innovative. (Finish)