Big S was caught cheating on Ju Junye in marriage! Wang Xiaofei issued an article in support: She cannot be described as such by you

The entanglement between Big S, Wang Xiaofei and Gu Junye is coming again! The reason is that recently some netizens discovered that Big S used a trumpet to show love to Gu Junye during their marriage, which exposed Gu Junye’s fraudulent marriage declaration in one fell swoop, and then Wang Xiaofei herself spoke out to support Big S.

Later, Wang Xiaofei posted an article to defend her ex-wife, saying that Big S is the mother of his two children, and she cannot be described as such by you. Please stop talking about it and stop paying attention to it. For more than ten years, I have known that she is a good person. Immediately afterwards, he deleted this Weibo in seconds.

When it comes to the authenticity of the big S and the small, I have to focus on popular science. She once posted a selfie with a face on this account, and accompanied it with the text “It’s me!”, and then the little S also left a message on the tuba to praise, saying, “Sister It’s so beautiful”, and Xiao S and Gu Junye also followed this account, so they can basically confirm the authenticity.

Through the dynamic trajectory of this trumpet, some netizens discovered that Big S had already contacted Gu Junye before he and Wang Xiaofei filed for divorce, and left ambiguous remarks in the comment area, not just a simple like. Let’s take a look at the interaction time between Big S and Gu Junye. Here is a key reminder that the divorce between Big S and Wang Xiaofei will be announced on November 22, 2021.

The first time the big S trumpet left a message to Gu Junye was on July 22, 2021. At that time, Gu Junye posted a selfie, and Big S left a heart in the comment area, expressing his love for Gu Junye.

On August 2, Gu Junye posted a full-body photo. The big S praised Junye Ju in the comment area for being cool, and also matched it with a heart. Junye Gu responded gently and thanked him.

On August 6, Big S directly left three “nympho” emojis in Gu Junye’s comment area. Two days later, Big S left a message in the comment area and added three hearts. After two consecutive months of interaction, the attitude has been upgraded step by step, from one love to three, the attitude is very ambiguous, and at that time Big S and Wang Xiaofei had not yet filed for divorce.

Of course, it wasn’t just Big S who took the initiative to communicate between the two. After a shallow exchange in the comment area, Gu Junye also released a fierce move, directly showing the two tattoos on his arms, with the text: “I can’t give up for the rest of my life.” The new tattoo designs are two zodiac signs, a rooster and a dragon, which coincide with the zodiac signs of the two people. Gu Junye is a rooster and the big S is a dragon.

If these blank details are viewed from the perspective of Gu Junye and Da S, it is a two-way sweetness. But keep in mind that Big S and Wang Xiaofei haven’t divorced yet. Moreover, the interaction time between the two is also very delicate, and it is stuck at the time of the big S and Wang Xiaofei’s marriage change. It can be said that as soon as the rumors of the marriage change spread, Big S couldn’t help it. Many netizens saw it and suddenly realized that the two had really been in contact a long time ago, but they obviously had a guilty conscience, so they made up an outrageous story to deceive everyone.

The marriage broke down, and the big S party claimed that the evidence was that Wang Xiaofei cheated, and the video of Zhang Yingying and Wang Xiaofei dating in the big S wedding room was exposed, and there were countless chat records in the follow-up, etc., and they were all in the marriage. It can be said that Wang Xiaofei cheated No excuses.

But Big S’s approach is also very controversial. According to normal logic, she and Wang Xiaofei reached a divorce agreement. It is not a big mistake to date other people, but she just wants to push all the faults to others and only say that she is innocent. , but also to have a pure love. Therefore, when the clues of her and Gu Junye’s online interaction in marriage were exposed, and she just got divorced and remarried, the persona collapsed again and again, and there was no cure.

When Big S just got divorced, a commentator in Taiwan questioned the authenticity of “no contact for 20 years, get married just by making a phone call” on a variety show, and said that someone checked Big S’s communication records and found that the two were in a relationship. There was contact before the divorce, but it cannot be released. Now, the news that Big S used a trumpet to interact with Gu Junye on social media has been exposed, and I can only say that the audience should not be fooled.

In addition, although Big S is already in a state of semi-retirement, there have been many bad debts between her and Wang Xiaofei, and she will be pulled out by the media every now and then. “How Wang Xiaofei Lived Up to Big S” is over. As for Big S himself, he will only stand up when it touches his own interests and can refute rumors, such as “Big S said that Wang Xiaofei sees his children too often once every two weeks.” rumor.

However, topics related to reputation such as tattoos have never been dared to be brought up by big S parties, and neither are Taiwanese media. This time the trumpet was exposed, several Taiwanese media stopped talking, and the main thing was silence.

I still hope that Big S can issue a statement to refute the rumors or make it clear that he cherishes his reputation.