Being questioned is not enough? Or are players demanding too much? The latest 6 skin evaluations of the glory of the king

Mai Shiranui: It’s actually very good with a score of 90 or more

When Shiranui’s skin came out, many people said that this skin is not very careful, because compared with his own epic skin, the overall quality of this skin has not improved too much, here I will give Tianmei a fair word, Shiranui Wu The epic skin is actually designed according to the requirements of the legendary level, so the quality must be a little higher, and this new skin is obviously a standard legendary skin, and because the model is too good, so this teleportation The level skin model has not changed much, but this big move is very good, it seems that the scope has become larger, it can only be said that the player’s requirements are too high.

Guiguzi: Over 90 points for free skins

Needless to say about this skin, skins in traditional culture will definitely not be rated too low, and Guiguzi, as a stealth type hero, is actually not very good at designing skills and special effects, but Tianmei can give a Danque’s special effects, and 2 skills also have growth effects, it is already very good to have such an effect, so this skin is also a skin with a score of more than 90 points, even if you don’t like the skill effects, the normal after strengthening Attack, always like it.

Sun Shangxiang: I am a singer

Let me tell you, this skin of Sun Shangxiang is a global selection skin, what does it mean? It has been tested on other servers. Players think this skin is good, so it is put into the national server. What do you think of this singer’s skin? Shouldn’t anyone think it’s bad? This skin is at least a skin with a score of 85 or more. Of course, if you are very picky about your opponents, you may feel that this skin is relatively garbage. In fact, this skin does not necessarily feel too much inferior to the mecha skin.

Tengwang Pavilion: Needless to say

Although the skin of Tengwang Pavilion is just an epic skin, it cannot be denied that the quality of this skin is really high, especially in the model design, we can see that the hairstyle of this skin is similar to the hairstyle of ancient men that we are familiar with Very similar, with long hair with a common hair crown, but also with dogwoods as hair accessories. Let me tell you, the reason why the dogwood is inserted is to use the dogwood to echo the time of “September of Shiwei, the preface belongs to Sanqiu” in “The Preface to the Pavilion of Tengwang”, I can only say that the designer is very attentive to this skin. .

Zhong Wuyan: The Warrior in the Superspace

This super-space warrior skin is definitely a good skin. After all, the super-space warrior, even if the quality is inferior, the special effects are still very well designed. We can see the special effects of this skin. The design is very careful, basically we mainly look at it , When strengthening the weapon state, there will be a charging effect, and the special effects of passive shields are also good, especially the special effects of the second skill. After the sledgehammer hits the opponent, you can see the special effects of electric light.

Zhen Ji: This really doesn’t work

​This will not be washed for everyone. This skin is really not good, but considering the particularity of this skin, it is a free skin, so everyone can have this skin. As a free skin, you really do not I need to worry too much about the quality of the skin. Of course, this skin is not useless. On the whole, this skin uses petals as the theme and has redesigned Zhen Ji. It seems that the skin character is very good, or the recognition is more obvious.