Beijing Weibo helps local businesses win the cold winter!


Beijing Weibo helps Maiyu Baking launch Douyin group purchase service,  441 orders were sold in 2 days!

Beijing Weibo helps Dingsheng charcoal barbecue to launch Douyin group purchase service, and 703 orders were sold in 7 days!

give back

Beijing Weibo uses the results to give back to merchants

Many merchants that cooperate with Beijing Weibo have achieved a counterattack in revenue. On the short video platform with explosive traffic, Weibo followed the trend and made the store business turn around. Like a warm current in the cold winter, it flowed into the hearts of every merchant eager for revenue.

Beijing Weibo wants to tell you that short videos are what you must do, but you must not rely only on short videos for revenue. For example: today’s store is full of orders, tomorrow’s business is booming, once you stop short video promotion, your revenue will be brutally restored to its original shape. Merchants have to face it and accept it. This staged problem, the microbroadcast multi-platform store solution helps merchants win the cold winter!

long-term business long-term revenue

Is the cost of short video promotion reasonable and the actual benefits obtained by the store? Every store knows it.

Wanting to make store revenue through low-cost or no-cost promotion is the voice of every business owner. Weibo helps you do business, not to help each merchant make short-term revenue. Combined with the industry field of your store’s operation, product attributes, business scale and other store characteristics, we will use the Beijing Weibo multi-platform store opening solution to leverage the business. The income is greatly improved, bringing continuous income and doing long-term business.

I believe that every store has its own peak hours, some stores are in the morning, some stores are at noon, and some stores are in the evening or even in the early morning. These peak hours depend on what you sell and the basic situation of your store. When doing business, sometimes, it is necessary to know the strength of the store, but also to understand your ambitions for revenue, and use strength to match the ambition of revenue.

Weibo is suitable for baking, catering, snacks, lo-mei, flowers, fruits, fresh food, aquatic products and other industries. Seeing the industries we serve merchants, you will know how strong the comprehensive ability of Weibo’s products is. Matching different industries and merchants, supporting multi-platform revenue and satisfying multi-scenario consumption behavior, the micro-broadcast multi-platform store opening solution empowers local merchants, armed with tools, marketing, and operations to help tens of millions of local merchants do a good job online Business, efficient and effective win against local life in the winter.

A choice to win the winter

What you need is not only an opportunity to explode orders, but also the determination and perseverance you want to achieve and long-term business. Join Beijing Weibo and welcome the warm sunshine of long-term revenue of stores!

Beijing Weibo is designed to help merchants open stores on WeChat, Alipay, Douyin, Kuaishou, Baidu, Cloud QuickPass, various banks, etc., and quickly build business capabilities such as takeaway, group purchase, self-pickup, local logistics, etc., based on the support of traffic resources on each platform Merchants flexibly place advertisements and efficiently acquire customers to achieve multi-platform exposure and complete order conversion. =Beijing Weibo helps merchants convert public domain traffic into private domain passenger flow, and sends customers to their door to help merchants run their business well.

Over the years, Beijing Weibo has been continuously optimized step by step, with an advanced iterative pace, to comprehensively serve merchants and improve merchant experience.