Beijing Marathon announces the results of the registration lottery. The winners must do these things

On October 29, the 2022 Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee announced the results of the runner registration lottery. The runners immediately posted screenshots of the winning lottery in the circle of friends, and their happiness was bursting instantly. In addition to rejoicing, runners must not forget that according to the requirements of the Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee, they need to do three nucleic acid tests, and do these things correctly in terms of travel, health treasures and vaccines, so as not to affect the competition and the receipt of the completion certificate.

The 2022 Beijing Marathon is scheduled to be held on November 6. According to the competition regulations, the number of participants in the 2022 Beijing Marathon is 30,000. In order to ensure the health of the runners and avoid being harassed by the epidemic, North Malaysia has put forward a number of requirements for the runners’ epidemic prevention before the competition, including: 1. Runners must not leave Beijing within 7 days before receiving the competition items, and they must not leave Beijing until after receiving the items. No longer leave Beijing during the race day; 2, runners’ Beijing Health Bao must meet the requirements of no abnormality and no pop-up windows in the health code; 3, runners need to complete the whole process of new crown vaccination; 4, runners need to do nucleic acid three times in total, namely On the day of picking up the entry, show the nucleic acid certificate within 24 hours, before the competition on November 6, and show the nucleic acid certificate within 24 hours at the time of entry. Within 48 hours after the competition, the nucleic acid test needs to be completed, and the competition result certificate is completed after the nucleic acid test. can be downloaded later.

In addition, the Beijing Marathon Organizing Committee will continue to impose penalties such as cancellation of Beijing Marathon results, 1 to 2 year ban, or lifetime ban for violators who run in place, scramble, resell and use bibs other than the current event; are not eligible for insurance.

Text/Beijing Youth Daily reporter Chu Peng

Editor / Zhang Yingchuan