Beijing grants travel subsidies to help the elderly seek medical treatment

“I didn’t know in the past that the elderly can still get subsidies every year when they take a taxi!” October this year is the 13th National “Respect for the Elderly Month”. Helping the elderly with taxi-hailing functions and subsidy policies, and also released the “Beijing Digital Travel Service Guide for the Elderly”.

It is reported that the city has completed the upgrading of 430 Yangzhao stations to facilitate the elderly to take taxis quickly.

200 yuan taxi subsidy per year

The “Guide” was jointly compiled by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation, the Beijing Municipal Association for the Aged, and AutoNavi Maps. It aims to help the elderly learn to use aging-appropriate transportation services and bridge the “digital divide”.

“Using the elder version, the functions are simplified and the font size is larger, which makes it easier to see and operate.” The reporter noticed that the “Guide” introduced the method of downloading the AutoNavi map and the “elder map” step by step to the elderly in the form of combining pictures and texts. Open the method, after pre-setting the home address, you can also “one key to go home” to check the route home.

What the elderly are most concerned about is how to receive the car-hailing subsidy. At present, Beijing provides elderly people over the age of 60 with travel subsidies to help the elderly to seek medical treatment. Each elderly person can receive a total of 200 yuan per year, which is used to reduce the cost of taxis to and from the hospital. The subsidy is distributed in 4 quarters, 50 yuan per quarter.

According to the “Guide”, the elderly search for “Travel Subsidy for the Elderly” in the AutoNavi Map APP or enter the “Taxi” function to find the entrance to receive the subsidy.

Yangzhao Station can “call a car without a destination”

In order to facilitate more elderly people to use smart devices and experience convenient travel services, last year, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Communications formulated the Work Plan for the Intelligent Upgrade and Reconstruction of Taxi Yangzhao Station, and entrusted AutoNavi to upgrade the taxi Yangzhao station. Retrofit.

The upgraded taxi Yangzhao Station has added a QR code for helping the elderly to call taxis near Yangzhao Station. The elderly do not need to download the APP separately, but can directly use Alipay, WeChat or AutoNavi Maps APP to call taxis near Yangzhao Station.

Yangzhao Station provides the exclusive service of “calling a car without a destination” for the elderly. The elderly do not need to enter the starting and ending points, and do not need any complicated operations. Just scan the code on the mobile phone to call a car with one click. At the same time, Yangzhao Station also has a unified call service hotline for taxis in Beijing. Elderly people who do not know how to use smartphones can also call for a taxi.

Xue Wenlai, deputy director of the rental (rental) car management department of the Municipal Transportation Commission, introduced that all the taxi calls at Yangzhao Station are cruise taxis, which not only solves the problem that the elderly cannot order taxis online, but also shortens the waiting time. At present, the city has completed the renovation of 430 recruitment stations, serving about 100,000 elderly people.

Opened more than 700 taxi warm-heart stations

The Municipal Transportation Commission also established a “Help the Elderly and Heart-warming Team” relying on the Beijing Taxi and Rental Association and AutoNavi Maps, giving priority to serving the city’s elderly orders.

Similar to the upgraded Yangzhao Station, Helping the Elderly Dache Nuanxin Station is mainly built in the community, so that the elderly can see and use it without leaving the community, opening up the “first kilometer” for the elderly to travel. “. At present, Beijing has put into use more than 700 stations for helping the elderly and taking taxis to warm the heart.