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Yesterday, that is to say who was not photographed by #黄丽志 Street dancing with rice# Beautiful down down down

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The hot comment said that this is the level that even the sun will support her:

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Sunshine and full of vitality, this life picture is really worth a hot search.

As a fan, I hit a big wall for Sister Huang’s appearance, and as an editor, I have two lines of tears hanging on my face-Has the Korean makeup artist had an epiphany? Did they reconcile with the water light muscle? Do they also hate themselves for creating this look?

The highlight of Huang Lizhi’s makeup this time not only avoids the greasyness of Korean-style highlights, but also highlights the delicate skin texture, and has become the finishing touch to emphasize the sense of atmosphere.

We have to learn something.

Yes, my friends, now everyone pays more attention to the delicateness of makeup when they make up. The details of the technical flow results of the eyebrows, the ends of the eyes and the highlights are the parts that girls are very concerned about. I would say that the highlights here are the easiest to use, the easiest to produce effects, have a sense of atmosphere, and can enhance strengths and avoid weaknesses.

We have to learn something.

We look at the makeup effects of celebrities that make you feel very eye-catching or “fairy”, most of which are created by highlights. So, for us ordinary girls, how to choose highlights?

If we distinguish according to styles, we simply classify highlights into Asian styles and European and American styles, which are suitable for these two different makeup effects.

Asian-style highlights are more delicate and less grainy. The glossy texture is mainly based on skin light, and the look and feel is more natural, which is very suitable for daily life;

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The European and American style highlights have strong graininess, strong makeup effect, and glossy texture is mainly reflective, which is very suitable for people who go out to play or pursue a contrast between high light and shadow.

And if according to the makeup effect, it can be divided into the following 5 kinds:

Matte Gloss : It is used to adjust the bone structure and sunken parts naturally. It requires certain skills and is more suitable for makeup artists.

Pearlescent luster : The base color is light skin tone, the luster is mostly champagne color, with fine shimmer, the makeup effect is relatively natural, suitable for daily life.

Polarized gloss : The background color is mostly colorless, but when you change the light or angle, you can see two or more colors flickering. There are products for heavy and light makeup in this category. According to your own makeup color matching, otherwise it is easy to turn your face into a palette. Good for going out to play.

Lighting luster : thief bright, blinding you, most of them appear in European and American brands, suitable for heavy makeup.

Hydrating Gloss : Simulates the natural texture of the skin after oil is released. Makeup artists love to use it very much, and it can create a good skin like a natural one. Suitable for taking pictures.

Don’t become a pig, don’t imitate Zhang Yuanying

In most of our daily occasions, we try not to paint highlights like a beauty blogger or a song stage. Bloggers mainly take pictures, idols need to resist flash, if we draw the same style, it is basically the operation of a golden horn king.

The role of the highlight is the natural finishing touch, but if you paint too much, it will appear opaque, and it is easy to make the makeup look dirty.

People only need to paint so much when the lens eats makeup. We, small and delicate, are beautiful! !

Focus on it, this is the test center – where the highlight is used .

The first is the highest point of the skeletal structure . Such as the most prominent part of the brow bone, the highest point of the cheekbones, the tip of the nose, the peak of the lips, etc. The upper, lower, left and right positions can be slightly changed according to the needs of adjusting the face shape.

The second is where you want to adjust for inflation . Such as mountain roots, lying silkworms, eyes, temples, chin, etc.

The third is where I want to emphasize . Such as the inner corner of the eye, the center of the eyelid, etc.

Yo, isn’t this Wang Hedi’s picture? How did it appear here↓

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However, try not to show these three points all and clearly on one face, and pay attention to proper details and appropriate blanks, so that they will not appear very abrupt.

For the use of highlights, we invited a master to open a small stove for us——

Applause light☀️

COSMO: How important are highlights to the entire makeup look?

Teacher Wang Yafei : Highlights are as important to makeup as “white” is in sketches. A human face is a three-dimensional painting, with bright spots and dark spots. When applying makeup, we will have highlights and contouring, and pursue the effect of light and shade.

COSMO: What is the role of highlights with different makeup effects?

Teacher Wang Yafei : Matte highlights can be used to adjust local sunken problems such as tear troughs and nasolabial folds. Pearlescent highlights can emphasize the turning points of facial lines (eye sockets, nose bridge, nose, cheekbones, etc.), making the entire makeup look more three-dimensional. Water glossy highlights can simulate the luster of the skin after sweating or oil secretion.

COSMO: Is the same highlighter as a celebrity worth buying?

Teacher Wang Yafei : In order to achieve a certain effect, makeup artists will definitely use the most suitable products for celebrities. When you buy the same highlighter, you should consider whether the effect is what you want, and whether the color, texture, etc. are suitable for you.

COSMO: How should ordinary girls choose highlights? (Recommendations can be made in terms of color, makeup, etc.)

Teacher Wang Yafei : Many people ignore the color of highlights, probably because the color is not as strong as lipstick, eye shadow is strong, and the area is not as large as foundation. If you are looking for delicate makeup, it is recommended to use highlights that match your skin tone and makeup color. Most Asians with yellow skin are more suitable for earth-colored eye shadows. They look good with champagne gold highlights and are versatile.

COSMO: How to avoid the greasy “pig gangren” situation when using highlighter?

Teacher Wang Yafei : To use the analogy of sketching again, the use of highlights should be “precisely left blank” . Generally speaking, it is enough to brighten the bridge of the nose, the tip of the nose, and the cheekbones. Do not use high light on large areas at will, and do not mix high light with liquid foundation on the whole face.

COSMO: Tell me about the teacher’s unique skill in drawing highlights.

Teacher Wang Yafei : Everyday makeup is decorated with a little highlight on the eyes and lip peaks, which is low-key and eye-catching. It will look very good in dynamic conditions.

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