Bazi test fortune, what industry are you suitable for, do you have a chance to make a fortune?

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Hello, Teacher Yunzhong, please read my relationship status in the past two years, and what you said is very accurate. Now I would like to ask the teacher to look at my career fortune, what kind of industry is suitable for me, can I do business, and will I make a lot of money? Male, Yihai, Wuyin, Renwu, Guimao.

Yunzhong Jiuhua replied: Although Renshui is supported by the annual support and Shigan Bijie, but he was born in the Yin month and is not prosperous.

There are many food injuries in the original game. You like innovation and yearn for freedom. It also represents desire and dissatisfaction. It shows that you are not a person who is uneasy about the status quo and willing to be mediocre. You always want to make a lot of money easily.

There are a lot of food injuries, and earthly branch food injuries generate positive wealth. Most of them will have a skill, or make money through their mouths, such as sales. Only in this position can you reflect your value, because food injuries mainly focus on skills, expertise, and eloquence.

Yuezhu has a God of Cookery system killing combination, and sits on a regular fortune every day, which represents wages and salaries, which are earned by hard work, and are more suitable for stable work and professional occupations. .

In Guimao this year, Uumi Shangguan secretly gave birth to a fortune star, and the food injury is also the main investment, so there are signs of starting a business and tossing around. But in the next few years, it will be a place of prosperity, and the fortune will still be sluggish, the fortune of wealth will become worse, and the economic pressure will increase again, and it will be easy to be trapped and troubled by money.

Generally speaking, if you choose to start a business in the past few years, you will not make money, and you will not get any good results if you go out to toss.

As for career development, your birthday is auspicious, suitable for working in finance, automobiles, hardware, electronics, aquatic products, alcoholic beverages, logistics, transportation and other industries; working or settling in the west and north of your hometown is beneficial to your physical and mental health. and seek money.

From 35 to 45 years old, you will have the Jiaxu Universiade, and the Ganzhi God of Cookery will kill you, implying that you have the opportunity to make a little name in the work unit, or have strong professional skills, and you are easy to achieve certain results in certain aspects, but the God of Jishen Universiade , Wealth is mediocre.

At the age of 45, you will have the luck of Renshen and Guiyou, Jinshui is happy to use the spirit to come together, everything will be smoother, there will be more opportunities to make money, life will be easy, and life will be rich.

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