Baling Petrochemical releases equipment integrity management system

Red Net Moment News October 27 (Correspondent Ge Jinwei Longrong Peng Zhan) Recently, Baling Petrochemical released and commissioned the equipment integrity management system, aiming to further improve the level and efficiency of equipment management, in order to realize the safety, efficiency and long-term performance of equipment. Periodic operation provides important guarantees.

The equipment integrity management system is a full life cycle equipment management system promoted and constructed by Sinopec Group in refining and chemical enterprises. Baling Petrochemical has a large amount of equipment, a wide distribution and a variety of types. The establishment of the equipment integrity system will help to establish a unified, standardized and standard management model, improve safety risk management and control, and reduce the cost of direct equipment maintenance.

In July 2021, the company established an equipment integrity management system working group, which consists of 5 working groups for comprehensive, dynamic equipment, static equipment, electrical, and instrumentation. Over the past year, the working group has followed the principles of high starting point planning, high standard requirements, and high-quality promotion, based on the “Sinopec Equipment Integrity Management System Document”, “Sinopec Refining and Chemical Enterprise Equipment Integrity Management System”, “Sinopec Equipment Management Measures”, etc. system, conduct a detailed review of the initial status of equipment management within the company, sort out the management system and process, and integrate the company’s equipment management practice experience to build the “Equipment Integrity Management Manual” with the characteristics of Baling Petrochemical.

The “Manual” is supported by 35 implementation rules, including 7 first-level elements and 34 second-level elements, and systematically identifies the entire process of Baling Petrochemical equipment management, in order to strengthen equipment risk management, equipment defect management, equipment management Change management and predictive preventive maintenance and other work provide management basis and are incorporated into the company’s integrated management system. Synchronized with the system construction, the company has successively organized and carried out basic equipment integrity training, system documentation publicity, reliability engineer training, and integrity system operation training, with a total of more than 900 people trained.

At the same time, Baling Petrochemical has established two major information platforms with “equipment management information system” as the basic management of equipment and “equipment integrity management system” as equipment operation management, gradually eliminating isolated islands of equipment management information and realizing information sharing and data penetration , Continuously improve the whole life cycle equipment integrity management system. And focus on the completion of the main KPI (key performance) indicators of the equipment profession, the development of equipment professional management, the operation of the equipment integrity management system, and the safety management of the direct operation links of inspection and maintenance, etc., to carry out special labor competitions to promote the implementation of equipment integrity management. Detailed implementation.