BAIC New Energy, a pioneer in the field of new energy vehicles, actively contributes to the development of the industry

Driven by national policy dividends and people’s increasing awareness of low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green travel, the new energy vehicle industry is ushering in a golden age of development. As the originator of the industry, BAIC New Energy has naturally been put on the hot topic list. The big brother who entered the new energy vehicle industry showed the outside world with his down-to-earth spirit of hard work and perseverance in his career. Therefore, many people in the industry say that the new energy vehicle industry can enter so quickly. In the period of rapid development, in addition to the policy dividend, the more reason is that it is driven by a responsible and courageous enterprise like BAIC New Energy.

Looking at the development history of BAIC New Energy, it is indeed very inspirational. At the beginning, when the country did not recognize new energy vehicles, it was able to dig deep into the industry without hesitation. It is really admirable. Of course, this It also shows that it is very assertive and visionary. After all, the development of the new energy vehicle industry was not optimistic at that time, both in terms of policy and the public’s tolerance, but BAIC New Energy seems to have identified the future of the new energy vehicle industry. It will explode like a fire, so it is very prescient to be the first to enter. After more than ten years of tempering and accumulation, the current BAIC New Energy is no longer the original stunner, but an old driver with very practical experience, and has also entered the new energy vehicle industry in terms of vehicle manufacturing technology and strength. The position of the first echelon also makes it have the ability and strength to lead the development of the new energy vehicle industry, and all this is due to its own unremitting efforts and the subversive spirit of bravely breaking through the routine.

Of course, an enterprise with a sense of mission and responsibility is concerned not only with its own development, but also with the overall strength of the entire industry. Because of this, BAIC BJEV will deploy early and take every step, because it understands and wants to Make an appearance, only when the industry really takes off can we usher in the spring of development!