BAIC Motor App’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration Gives You Ten Thousand Gifts

On October 28th, thousands of gifts will be given to you, and the live broadcast of the 3rd Anniversary Celebration of BAIC Motor App will be launched. The whole process of this live broadcast is high-energy and full of ignition. Peng Gang, vice president of BAIC Motor Co., Ltd., general manager of BAIC Blue Valley Marketing Service Co., Ltd. and “chief fan officer”, joined hands with the fan group to drop into the live broadcast room and communicate with Beijing Radio and Television Station. The radio host Li Jiajia, BAIC Motor’s music fan official, well-known singer Li Daben, and car owners gathered together happily. BAIC Motor’s new fan fan plan and service ecological plan were released, and multiple rounds of “Jing” lucky draws run through, layer by layer. The heat wave of pet fans has aroused the enthusiastic attention of the whole network.

Peng Gang, Vice President of BAIC Motor Co., Ltd. and General Manager of BAIC Blue Valley Marketing Service Co., Ltd., delivered a speech on the spot

The triple “Fan Fan Program” was released, and BAIC Motor’s generous fans will not be discounted

Liu Miaomiao, deputy general manager of BAIC Blue Valley Marketing Service Co., Ltd., released the pet fan plan

Such sincere policy benefits not only allow users to buy high-quality cars at the most affordable prices, but also give users the ultimate car-buying enjoyment. It can be seen that BAIC Motor’s fancy pet fans come from the heart, and the welfare distribution is even more forthright and uncompromising. BAIC Motor’s words about “carrying out pet fans to the end” are true.

Whole life cycle service ecology, BAIC Motor makes car life more warm

BAIC Motor not only focuses on creating good products, but also highly focuses on good services, and protects users’ beautiful travel life through a warm service ecosystem. During the live broadcast, BAIC Motor’s new service ecological plan was released, and an organic service ecosystem covering the whole life cycle of vehicles and the whole life scenarios of vehicles was completed.

Gao Jian, Director of Customer Service Department of BAIC Blue Valley Marketing Service Co., Ltd., released the service ecological plan

In 2021, BAIC Motor will improve customer service experience in four dimensions through online appointments, remote vehicle control, CSI surveys, and online customer service; After-sales service has evolved into a full-chain service for “car life”, and the maintenance of customer relations has also moved from “people + car” service to “people + car + life” service in an orderly manner.

In 2023, BAIC Motor will open up online and offline channels, and strive to build an interconnected ecosystem of “vehicle + machine” on at least 8 levels, conveying the temperature of “Beijing” and empowering a wider range of businesses. It will be an ecosystem of warm peers, technology has temperature, and service is warmer; it will be an ecosystem that respects and cares, and the 55-degree warm service system not only has “breadth, depth, height, speed and temperature”, but also through five-star The five-star praise and satisfaction achieved by the top-level Zhihui butler service; it will be a one-click worry-free ecosystem, remote car control, online reservation, online payment, online insurance, and the whole process of control; it will be the ecosystem of Yuexiang Zhihui , vehicle driving report, maintenance progress query, maintenance history query, spare parts information query, full trust.

Let every need have an echo, and every love has a resonance. The BAIC Motor App looks forward to creating a one-click worry-free, joyful and intelligent ecosystem for more users, so that users do not want to leave when they come.

Millions of users gather in the cloud to live up to expectations

Gather millions of love, and thousands of gifts are coming. Thousands of gifts are “favored” to you, and the 3rd anniversary celebration of Beijing Auto App does not stop there. As the official BAIC music fan, Mr. Li Daben, a well-known singer, made a surprise appearance on the live broadcast. He sang the theme song of Beijing Rubik’s Cube for the first time on the whole network, and a song “The Player” set off the live broadcast room. BAIC Motor prepared a birthday cake to send blessings, pushing the live broadcast event to a new peak.

BAIC Motor’s music fan official well-known singer Li Daben sings live

In addition to the release of the new fan program and service ecological plan, more fan benefits will be released through more lucky draws during the 3rd anniversary celebration of the BAIC Motor App, and the three-tier fan gifts are constantly pouring out. The first prize is 5 service packs worth 20,000 yuan, the second prize is 10 service packs worth 10,000 yuan, the third prize is 20 service packs worth 5,000 yuan, and 35 blockbuster gift packs to 35 A lucky audience, bringing fans “Jing” joy beyond their expectations.

In this golden autumn October, President Peng Gang’s birthday letter to millions of fans has become popular on the Internet; a few days ago, the 3rd anniversary of the BAIC Motor App’s 3rd anniversary of the fan season was broadcast live for group purchases and ten gifts; then 36 major brands joined the pet fans. , more than 30 celebrity favorite fans have joined together to play Call… Now, the BAIC Motor App’s 3rd anniversary celebration live broadcast has a continuous fan policy, continuous benefits, and continuous “Jing” happiness. BAIC Motor leads the car circle with continuous actual fan action The new trend of powder.

Birthday celebration photo

The 3rd anniversary, the co-casting, the 3rd anniversary, the glory sharing. On the 3rd anniversary of its launch, the BAIC Motor App lived up to the love and expectations of its users. It “loved” users with tens of millions of gifts, and spent an unforgettable birthday ceremony with millions of fans. With the influx of more fans and the release of the new fan-favorite plan and service ecological plan, BAIC Motor will surely take the road of serving users and caring for users more firmly. The next “million” Xinhua chapter will not be far away.