Avita CMO resigns ahead of first production car deliveries

Wang Shuaiguo, a reporter from Economic Observer.com  , on October 28th, news from the automotive industry said that Wang Lin, the chief marketing officer of Avita Technology, submitted his resignation to the company due to personal reasons. The Economic Observation Network asked Avita Technology for confirmation, and obtained a positive answer from the company’s public relations department. A person from the public relations department of Avita Technology emphasized that although he proposed to resign, Wang Linxiang is still in the company at this stage.

According to the data, Wang Lin joined Avita Technology in December 2020 as Chief Marketing Officer, responsible for the two core areas of brand strategy and user development. Before that, she has held key brand management positions in many world-renowned companies, including Apple Retail Greater China, Chanel China and InterContinental Hotels Greater China.

While working at Avita, Wang Lin led the marketing of Avita’s first model, the Avita 11. Among them, the limited edition model Avita 011 was jointly launched with Matthew M. Williams, the creative director of the world-renowned luxury brand Givenchy, which made Avita show the brand image of “cross-border creativity”.

But less than two years into the job, Wang Lin proposed to resign. This may adversely affect Avita, which has just released its first product and has not yet started new car deliveries.

The predecessor of Avita Technology was Changan Weilai New Energy Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in 2018. It was originally a joint venture between Changan Automobile and Weilai Automobile. In 2021, Avita Technology will complete the name change and introduce 3 strategic investors (in the form of a consortium) including CATL through listing.

Since its establishment, Avita Technology has emphasized one of the company’s major advantages in its external publicity, that is, the Avita brand is a three-party cooperation between CATL and Huawei to jointly create a high-end smart electric vehicle brand.

In November 2021, Avita Technology made its brand global debut in Shanghai, and the first smart electric vehicle Avita 11 was unveiled simultaneously. During the promotion of the launch of the first model, Avita Technology also accelerated the pace of financing and completed the A round of financing, pushing the company’s valuation to nearly 10 billion.

In August 2022, Avita Technology officially released Avita 11 and the joint limited edition model Avita 011. The former launched three models, priced at 349,900-409,900 yuan; Avita 011 was priced at 600,000 yuan .

It is reported that the Avita 11 long battery life version and the Avita 011 will be delivered to users in December this year, and the Avita 11 ultra-long battery life dual motor luxury version is expected to be delivered to users in the first quarter of next year. On October 25, Changan Automobile revealed in response to investors’ questions that the current order for Avita 11 exceeded 20,000.

In February this year, Avita Technology announced that Wang Jinhai will serve as the company’s vice president, and concurrently serve as the deputy general manager of the user development center, in charge of sales, service and channel development and other related businesses. Wang Jinhai’s biographical data shows that he has more than 20 years of experience in automobile sales management. He served as the executive vice president of Changan Ford National Sales and Service Organization (NDSD), and was also responsible for marketing management in Changan Mazda and Changan Automobile.

With the delivery of Avita 11 and Avita 011, as the person in charge of marketing, service and channel development, Wang Jinhai will play a more important role in Avita Technology.

It is understood that in terms of sales channel layout, Avita will take into account the two modes of direct sales and authorization. Up to now, the number of Avita directly-operated stores nationwide has exceeded 60, covering almost all first-tier and new first-tier cities. Avita’s authorized dealer stores have also exceeded 150.

In addition, Avita Technology is negotiating with Huawei, and Avita 11 will officially enter Huawei’s flagship stores in Beijing and Shenzhen within the year.