Attracting firepower to Ukraine? Britain participated in the attack on the Black Sea Fleet, and Russia responded directly to “retaliation”

The direction of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is likely to change dramatically, which is directly related to the battle over Crimea and the Beixi bombing incident. The Russian Ministry of Defense pointed out that the British were the biggest “behind the scenes” and had become the “command” for Western countries to stay in Ukraine. Then the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded immediately. The British participated in the attack on the Russian warship, and Russia was Discuss a plan to carry out “virtual revenge” against the British.

A spokesman for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed out that the British have been confirmed to be the “behind the scenes”, not only participating in the attack on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, but also deploying military personnel to train soldiers in Ukraine, which are “military forces” that Russia has repeatedly warned about. provocation”, so various departments of Russia are working together to discuss a “strong” plan to make a practical “response” to the British.

And this “response” is also considered to be Russia’s “retaliation” against Ukraine. After all, in the drone swarm air strike just planned by the British, four Russian warships have caught fire and exploded. For Russia, it is serious loss. On the day of Zakharova’s speech, a large number of drones flew over Crimea, and there were also remote-controlled water equipment charging the coast of Crimea and the Russian Navy warships.

Although the Ukrainian attack was repelled a few hours later, four ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet were also injured by the explosion. After the incident, Russia launched an investigation, accusing the British of planning the attack in Ukraine. Obviously, such an action has completely angered Russia and directly forced Russia to propose a “counter-attack and revenge”.

And Russia’s attitude also shows one thing, that is, what if the UK is a NATO country, as long as it provokes Russia and poses an actual threat to Russia’s national security, then Russia will inevitably respond. In fact, Russia does not need to act to prove such an attitude, because once it is discovered that the United Kingdom has participated in the attack against Russia and is still indifferent, then the NATO countries will be even more crazy, and even no longer hide their “participation in the war”.

As for why Russia has targeted the UK, it is because this country has a serious “military anti-Russian tendency”. Just like last year, the United Kingdom traveled thousands of miles to the Black Sea to conduct so-called “security exercises” with Ukraine. It also assigned warships into Russian waters to support Britain’s political stance with military operations, and was finally embarrassed under the fire of the Russian army. flee.

Not only that, Russia also pointed out that the real mastermind behind the Nord Stream explosion had been discovered, and that was the British military. The soldiers of the Royal Navy used the convenience of military exercises to place explosives near the Nord Stream pipeline, thereby destroying Russia and Russia. Gas pipeline between EU. Such an attack on Russian infrastructure is equivalent to an attack on the Russian mainland.

Therefore, Russia regards the United Kingdom as the “early bird” in the camp of Western countries. But it is conceivable that the British government will not admit it, and at the same time bite Russia, accusing it of “framing” itself by Russia and finding reasons to provoke NATO.

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether the UK recognizes it or not, because Russia only needs to think that the UK did it. Although Russia will not attack the British mainland, the UK still has a lot of military deployments in Ukraine, and the UK also has a lot of submarine facilities. Therefore, Russia has quite a lot of options to retaliate against the United Kingdom, rather than going to war with the United Kingdom.

Finally, if the United Kingdom did not manufacture and participate in attacks against Russia, and if NATO countries were not so anti-Russian, then the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine would probably have ended long ago, rather than gradually getting out of control now.