At which times are people born in the best time of life? They will be blessed by lucky stars, have enough food and clothing, and have no worries about wealth.

Mao hour (05:00~07:00)

Children born at this time are naturally smart, creative, lively, active and eager to learn, very approachable, quick and accurate. They have shown extraordinary talents from a young age and have very strong potential, if developed properly. If you provide correct guidance and give full play to your own connections and abilities, you can usually get a chance to make a fortune around the age of 35 and flex your muscles, and after the age of 40 you can become rich and glorious.

People born in Yinshi

People born in the Yinshi period between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. have a passionate and positive side, but they also have a violent side. They are very frank, and they are bound to make many friends who are as frank as they are. They are either life-or-death friends, or they share the same boat. comrade-in-arms,

Therefore, they are not destined to be alone in this life. Their network of contacts becomes wider and wider as they grow older, and their financial path becomes more and more long-term. They can meet many noble people in their life, so there are always people supporting them, and they will surely become great people.

People born when they are ugly

Born between 01:00 and 03:00, the ugly five elements belong to earth, which is the treasury. Most people born in the Chou period are in good health, have strong personalities, are honest and trustworthy, and make reliable and loyal friends, so they are very lucky.

No matter what happens, he will remain calm in the face of danger. In addition, God has given them precise insight, so they are also good at investment and financial management. God especially favors people born in ugly times. They are born with good luck and never lack money to spend.