At the same time challenge Tencent Nintendo? The craziest trademark boss, malicious squatting trademark touch porcelain boss!

Hello everyone, this is Zhengjing game, I’m Zhengjing little brother.

Everyone knows that there are two “Dharma Kings” in the gaming industry. They are Tencent of Pizza Hut in Nanshan and Nintendo of Pharaoh of the Eastern Hemisphere. They received their lawyer’s letter, and the lawsuit is likely to be a complete defeat.

However, there is one guy who challenges the legal departments of Nintendo and Tencent at the same time.

Recently, some netizens discovered that IPs such as “Ring Fitness Adventure” and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” were registered by a person named Chang Tianyuan. Among them, the registered international classification of “Fitness Ring Adventure” has registered trademarks involving advertising sales, fitness equipment, communication services and other categories.

In addition to “The Legend of Zelda’s Breath of the Wild” and “Apocalypse Apocalypse”, even “Tear of the Kingdom”, which Zelda has not yet released, has been registered. In fact, “Zelda Warriors Apocalypse Apocalypse” is also registered. , but for some reason it was ruled invalid.

What’s even more awesome is that he didn’t even let “Penguin City” and “Lezi People” go…

The trademarks mentioned above have partially completed the registration process.

Netizens were stunned when they saw this, and complained that this guy was going to challenge the two great kings of Nintendo and Tencent at the same time. There are also netizens who eat melons who watch the fun and don’t think it’s a big deal. They suggested that he also register the Disney doll “Gerardoni” so that he can complete the achievement of “The Gaze of the World’s Strongest Legal Department”.

Trademark registration sometimes does not belong to whoever is quicker. If the trademark is registered after the name of the trademark is popular, it may be convicted of malicious registration, disqualified and punished.

Although the national version of “Fitness Ring Adventure” got the version number on August 6, 2020, and was released on September 3 of the same year, it was put on the shelves abroad in early October 2019, and the sales exceeded 2.73 million two months later. , and soon became popular all over the world, including China, and Chang Tianyuan only registered on August 12 after the National Bank version got the version number.

From the point of view of ordinary people who eat melons, this is a bit of malicious squatting.

It does not mean that the IP of a well-known game cannot be registered as a trademark. Usually, as long as the business scope of you and the IP holder is different enough to not cause confusion for ordinary people, the registration can be successfully completed.

For example, a well-known big IP such as Blizzard’s “World of Warcraft” has a dazzling variety of registered trademark categories.

There are tobacco smoking sets such as electronic cigarette filters, daily chemical products such as fresh breath, financial property management such as loan guarantees, and even foods such as milk and pickles.

Little brother 嘠Green: Will Nintendo and Tencent’s “Mage” be dispatched? This outsider does not know. All we have to do is to prepare a small bench and bring garlic seeds, sugar-fried chestnuts, roasted sweet potatoes, sausages, roasted Gluten, almond tea, milk tea and other beverages, just sit in a row and eat melon.

A positive question: Do you think the “Mage” will make a move?