At the moment of dawn, the thirteenth season of “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” begins

The carnival has not stopped. On October 1st, the thirteenth season of “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” officially opened. In this season, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” has not only prepared brand-new costumes, card skins, bedding, wands and other props for wizards, but also the second phase of the anniversary special event Dawn Moment will be held in October Fully open on 2nd. In this month, the wizards of the fourth schools of Tsinghua University, Peking University and Fudan Jiaotong University will also gather together to start a big fight. Whether online or offline, Hogwarts House will open doors for you to find your peers!

Retro and modern, three major fashions shine

When retro meets modern, what kind of spark will they create? The new costumes of the thirteenth season of “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” are now fully online. As long as players experience the lucky roulette game, they can get fashion silver stars. This is an elegant dress inspired by the two elements of black and white. The collision of black and white is reminiscent of the moonlight reflected on the white snow, and the diamonds in the period are the stars twinkling in the night sky. I believe that you who are above the silver star will definitely become the most popular wizard at the dance!

Different from the silver star, the road rider has a unique free and easy and hearty. Inspired by bus conductor overalls, it’s embellished with a playful crossbody bag that brings the ensemble to life. From now until October 14th, you can buy a road knight at a discounted price of 680 star stones, become a rash and cute conductor, and shuttle through Hogwarts! I believe this temperament will also inject a lot of energy into the academy. Full of energy!

Finally, Harry Potter: Magic Awakens also packs a new fashion Late Autumn Chronicle for wizards in a pass gift box. This look combines warm-toned sweaters and plaid to give the warm fabric a playful touch. It has the unique elegance of England, and there are many popular elements embellished in it. Friends who love this outfit, don’t forget to grab this month’s pass gift box!

The fusion of fire and rain turns every battle into a poem

Gorgeous card skins can add more ritual to wizards’ battles. In this season, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakens” brought us two major card skins, Tears of Tears and Flames.

The Rain of Tears was inspired by an unexpected battle between Harry and Malfoy. At that time, Harry went to the bathroom to chase Malfoy in order to investigate the attack in the school, but happened to meet Malfoy who was emotionally broken and crying. An irritated Malfoy immediately attacked Harry, and at a critical moment, Harry cast a mysterious spell from a Potions textbook. Yet he had no idea of ​​the true power of the spell. When you get this card skin from the Lucky Roulette, don’t ignore the huge power hidden behind it when you are ecstatic!

This season, the Harry Potter: Magic Awakens card skin for wizards in the Pass Box is in full bloom. In seventh grade, Harry, Ron and Hermione acquired one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes – Slytherin’s Locket. They embarked on the road of escape from this, and they have been looking for a way to destroy the Horcrux. During the process, Hermione attempted to burn the locket with a flaming spell. Although her attempts failed, she also showed her magical talent to the fullest.

Now, like Hermione, you can try to destroy your opponent’s confidence with a raging flame!

A Pillow of Dreams, a new bed product, Dream in the Woods, is online

Excellent bedding can not only bring you a good night’s sleep, but also become an important embellishment for your furniture decoration. In this lucky roulette event, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakens” also prepared a new bedding for wizards and dreams in the woods.

This bedding is dominated by brown and red, embellished with lush green plants, creating a sweet dream for wizards. When you put on the whole set of bedding, special effects will be triggered, the candles will light up, and even the fireflies in midsummer will come to surround you. After a hard battle, this bed set will rejuvenate you!

Awaken the heart of protection, the appearance of the two wands leads the new fashion

The wand is an important partner for wizards in battle, and the appearance of different wands can also show the different personalities of the wizard. This season, you can get the Wand Skin · Brew Glory through the Wheel of Fortune. This wand shape pays homage to a distinguished potion professor, and the purple gem at the end is inspired by the glass bottle that holds the potion.

And when you complete all the tasks of the season, you can also get the wand appearance Spiral Miracle, which is inspired by the shell of the color-changing giant conch, symbolizing the heart of guarding teammates. I believe it will definitely win the hearts of many wizards who put their best efforts in battle and dedicate everything to their teammates!

The ever-changing, new magical animal color-changing giant snail is online

In the gift box of this pass, you can also get a brand new magical animal – the color-changing giant snail. This large snail, native to Africa, can periodically change its color to show different colors. Although many wizards keep it as a pet, don’t forget that its slime has deadly toxins that turn to ashes and wither plants wherever it goes. So don’t forget to wear gloves when appreciating its beauty!

The battle is coming, the second stage of the dawn moment starts

As the Hogwarts Academy celebrates the festive season, many evil forces hidden in the darkness are also just around the corner, trying to take advantage of it. Now, the second phase of Daybreak has begun. This time, you’ll face Dementors swarming over the castle, menacing trolls in the Forbidden Forest and spiders stalking the castle. Your magic wand will become your most important dependency. If you want to save Hogwarts House from fire, now is the best time to be a hero!

The four schools are linked, who is the strongest wizard of the four academies

While wizards are exploring the many secrets of Hogwarts College online, offline, the first College Invitational Tournament has also started the registration phase. From now until October 7th, students from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University and Shanghai Jiaotong University can sign up for the competition, and from October 12th to October 15th, through the double mode and single person The mode participates in the audition and competes for the admission ticket of the college competition. From October 28th to November 6th, the wizards who have won the top 2 in the duo mode and the first in the single mode in the school audition stage will be the representatives of their schools and will compete with other school wizards for the crown. Among them, the champion team will win the grand prize of 10,000 yuan and commemorative peripherals, and have the opportunity to unlock new wizard ID backgrounds for all wizards.

During the period from October 28th to November 6th, all wizards can also get rich rewards through daily quiz activities, and wizards who successfully guess the number of the champion quiz will win the ultimate scholar award!

In addition, “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” has also fully upgraded the live viewing experience for wizards. Wizards can observe players’ performance from a better perspective, watch many exciting programs, interact with mysterious guests in the live broadcast, and win surprises prize!

It’s been a long October, and the surprises don’t stop! The thirteenth season of “Harry Potter: Magic Awakens” has been launched. Here, we will not only encounter many online activities, pick up new fashion products, but also participate in offline events, or cheer for our favorite academies. Use battle to open a new chapter in Harry Potter: Magic Awakens!