At the Bazaar’s annual party, Zhao Liying and Zhang Xiaofei’s dresses are stunning again!

Recently, the annual Harper’s Bazaar party was held in Shanghai. All the stars were present, star-studded, handsome men and women, and everyone dressed up to attend the event to spend this beautiful night together.

The dresses worn by actresses can be said to be of various styles, styles and colors, but most of their dresses come from a certain brand abroad. However, there are also many excellent designers in China who have designed amazing dresses. Homemade haute couture. For example, Zhao Liying and Zhang Xiaofei are both wearing domestically made haute couture dresses by local designers. Everyone sighed unanimously: It’s so beautiful! Let’s take a look at the research institute below~

Zhao Liying: Tonight’s dress is from Chinese designer Guo Pei’s “Haute Couture” series! And the jewelry they wear are also from domestic brands.

Wearing a light gauze gilt gauze skirt, both the waist and the skirt are decorated with gold gilt leaf pattern design. The puffy skirt is noble yet flexible and gentle.

Zhang Xiaofei: This velvet green suspender dress is from Chinese designer Lan Yu.

The suspender-style design of this domestic haute couture dress sets off Xiaofei’s superior shoulder and neck line, and the high slit design at the skirt reveals her beautiful legs. The design of the two bows on the front adds a touch of playfulness, and the overall simple atmosphere is quite charming and elegant!

It’s all so beautiful. Hurry up and share your compliments with the Research Institute~