Asking is no longer a favorite Avita and Huawei have reached a cooperation: will be stationed in flagship stores in Beijing and Shenzhen

Good guy, the biggest rival in the AITO world is here!

On October 28, according to the Financial Associated Press, Avita Technology has reached an agreement with Huawei that its first model, the Avita 11, will officially enter Huawei’s flagship stores in Beijing and Shenzhen this year .

Different from the AITO world of Huawei’s smart selection model, Avita, which was created by the cooperation of Changan, Huawei and Ningde Times, follows the Huawei HI model. It is said that it is unlikely to be sold in Huawei stores, and its Direct stores are being built.

The data shows that up to now, the number of Avita’s directly-operated stores nationwide has exceeded 60, covering first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as more than 20 new first-tier cities such as Chengdu and Chongqing. Authorized by a number of cooperative stores, and the number of channel contacts exceeded 200 throughout the year.

In terms of infrastructure layout, Avita cooperated with bp to build a high-voltage fast charging station, marking the official launch of Avita Technology’s high-voltage fast charging business.

According to the plan, by the end of 2023, the two parties will jointly build more than 100 customized high-voltage fast charging stations in 19 cities across the country. The power of a single station will reach 480kW, and the maximum power of a single gun can reach 240kW . It became the first domestic model with 240kW high-voltage fast charging capability.

According to previous news, Avita 11 has officially opened the order lock program at 16:00 on October 22. Users who pay the deposit and complete the order lock before October 31 (inclusive) can enjoy the owner’s lifetime vehicle warranty, The first owner of the car will be given a lifetime three-electricity warranty and double the personalized matching fund, which will give a gift of 12,000 matching funds, and increase the intelligent driving upgrade package service.

The car has been launched before, and a total of 3 models have been launched, with a price range of 349,900-409,900 yuan , which will compete with 300,000-level pure electric SUVs such as Xiaopeng G9 and Tesla Model Y.