Asian beauties are getting more and more popular! What are the characteristics of their appearance and temperament?

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I don’t know if you have noticed that Asian beauties have attracted more and more attention in recent years. We have written about Asian hot girl makeup that is very popular in China before, and Asian faces appear more frequently in Hollywood movies and American TV series.

It is often said that although Asian girls look the same as us, they have a special charm and temperament, which is different from traditional East Asian beauties at first glance.

So today, let’s talk about what characteristics they have. The focus of the discussion is not on nationality, but simply on this recognizable “Asian temperament”!

In terms of appearance,

What are the differences between Asian girls and East Asian girls?

Looking at the two girls below, they both look oriental, and their dresses are similar, but everyone can definitely see at a glance that the right side looks like an Asian girl, and the left side has the feeling of a Korean lady.

Whether it’s clothing, makeup, or looks, Asian girls do have different characteristics and preferences than us.

▍Subtle  differences in appearance

The most well-known difference in appearance is skin color. European and American aesthetics think that wheat-colored skin is sexy and energetic, so Asian girls are not so afraid of tanning, and even take the initiative to tan, and the skin color is generally darker.

▲  And unlike Caucasian skin that will turn red after sun exposure, yellow people are more likely to expose this beautiful dark skin.

Many people think that foreign girls are mature because of their appearance, but it also has a certain relationship with their appearance. You will find that Asian girls are more likely to have square cheeks, and their faces look more firm and skeletal.

This is not an accidental example. The way of pronunciation in English and the habit of exaggerated expressions will indeed exercise the skeletal muscles of the cheeks.

▲  Take a smile as an example, Asian girls usually smile more implicitly, mainly from the corners of their mouths, while the European and American habit of smiling is to use force on the whole face.

And their rising eyebrows and eyes, in addition to being affected by makeup, may also be related to frequent eyebrow raising and other expressions.

‍ ▍More  mature makeup

Everyone is familiar with the difference in makeup. Compared with the delicate and clear makeup of China, Japan and South Korea, European and American makeup does not pay much attention to “naturalness ” . .

Even young girls or girls with a gentle temperament will emphasize the presence of eyebrows and eyes to create a mature and sexy temperament.

The different aesthetics of lip color are also typical. Asian girls generally like lipsticks with a certain degree of color rendering, which makes their skin whiter and better, while European and American girls love nude lipsticks no matter they are young or mature.

▲  On the one hand, it is because the nude lipstick is easier to draw thick lips, and on the other hand, it can also leave the visual focus to the eye makeup.

▍ Dress more boldly

Next, let’s talk about the difference in clothing. Some sisters may think that foreign girls are dressed as fashionable as Instagram bloggers, but this is not the case at all.

On the streets of the United States, most people wear very comfortable and casual clothes every day. The most common items for young girls are sweaters, T-shirts, and jeans.

▲It  ‘s just that their darker skin and confident posture add to the sense of vitality.

But when they need to dress up at parties and other occasions, they can be very relaxed at once , and they rarely have the mentality of “sorry to dress up”.

This can also be seen from the looks of young actors participating in the event. Compared with Chinese, Japanese and Korean female stars, European and Asian stars are obviously more mature and bold, and they are not afraid to try sexy.

3 Types of Asian American Beauty With Each Attractiveness

Above we have summarized the common characteristics of Asian girls from the perspective of appearance, but there are many types of subdivisions. 

When you think of Asian Americans, who do you think of? Next , we will divide the Asian beauties who have left a deep impression on us into 3 categories, and appreciate their different charms together.

▍ Asian Babes

The first category is the Asian hot girl bloggers who are very popular on social platforms. From the perspective of domestic public aesthetics, their appearance may not be exquisite and beautiful, but their appearance is bold and confident, and their temperament is very attractive.

For girls who like cool styles, these Asian bloggers are closer to us in terms of looks, faces and body conditions, and their makeup and outfits are more meaningful than Western-faced bloggers.

▲  For example, for similar collocations, the style maturity of the Asian bloggers on the right is not so high, which is more suitable for Asian girls to learn from.

Even if you don’t want to imitate this hot girl’s style, you can appreciate the style that is different from that of domestic Internet celebrity bloggers, and feel confident and energetic from their photos.

▲  Whether youthful or mature, slender or plump, they all exude the self-confidence of “I am a big beauty”.

▍Asian  actors

The second type of discussion is the Asian actors in foreign film and television dramas. Unlike bloggers, people who watch actors pay more attention to their faces.

Among them, the appearance of some Asian actors has caused controversy. For example, Awkwafina, the star of “Shang Qi”, has been complained by many people, thinking that choosing such an actor is to smear the image of Asian Americans.

In fact , there are also many good-looking Asian characters, such as Constance Wu, the star of the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” and the American TV series “New Arrivals”. She has a warm temperament and looks friendly, which is also in line with oriental aesthetics.

Earlier, Wen Mingna, with bright facial features and sassy temperament, has the taste of Hong Kong-style beauty , and was once selected as one of the fifty beauties in the world.

▲Have  starred in “Spring in the Emergency Room” and “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.”, and is one of the most well-known Asian actors in the United States.

There are also some Asian mixed-race actors who are also very beautiful. For example, the two female characters in this year’s American drama “The Summer I Became Beautiful” have both the three-dimensionality of the western outline and the subtle oriental features between the eyebrows and eyes.

▲  Especially Minnie Mills on the right. Some people praised her as the most beautiful Asian actor in American dramas in recent years.

This less-Western-looking Asian hybrid is not only in line with our aesthetics, but also very friendly. Compared with Wang Keying on the left, her appearance is too close to Europeans and Americans. When it comes to Asian actors, she is rarely thought of.

▍  Controversial Asian Americans

Finally, I would like to add a type of controversial Asian beauty. The most representative is Liu Yuling . Some people say that she is ugly and mean, but some people think she is beautiful from the bottom of their hearts.

Objective evaluation, Liu Yuling has a single eyelid, high cheekbones, square face, freckles, these characteristics are indeed contrary to the public aesthetic.

At the same time, her mature, strong, ambitious and “murderous” temperament may also be too strong for domestic audiences, which does not conform to our traditional impression of women being gentle and soft.

However, with the diversification of aesthetics and the understanding of Liu Yuling’s works, more and more people have found her charm. Maybe she still doesn’t look good, but it ‘s undeniable that she has a unique and powerful aura.

With this kind of mentality of appreciating mature beauty and strong beauty, you will find that there are many attractive Asian actors. Maybe it does not meet our definition of “beautiful” at first glance, but if you look closely, you will be more and more mature. Features attract.

▲  From left to right are Gemma Chan, Grace Park, Arden Cho.

What is the unique attraction of Asian temperament?

Some people may say that bloggers and celebrities are only a few examples, and there are also many Asian girls abroad who dress up and look no different from domestic girls.

In fact, I think many sisters are not completely attracted by the appearance of Asian beauties, but mainly because they feel that they have a special temperament that is very different from ours.

▍Generous  and energetic

First of all, she looks more sunny and energetic. To give a familiar example, Gu Ailing, in addition to being praised as an almighty girl, some people say that she presents a “look who has never endured hardship”, always smiling brightly and full of vitality.

She has excellent social skills, is lively and has no stage fright in various occasions, and has a kind of self-confidence and freedom beyond her peers.

It is undeniable that her favorable family conditions have a certain influence, but the cultural differences between China and the United States are also important reasons.

Western culture encourages self-expression and bold pursuit of goals. Parents and teachers will respond more positively to children, while our traditional culture is to be humble and conceited. Even if you have achieved good results, you should not be too proud.

▍Don’t  mind the “imperfection” of the figure

The second point is that many sisters pursue the freedom of dressing. In summer, vests, suspenders, short skirts and shorts are the most common items abroad, but many of us girls also worry that they have too much meat or are harassed by some disrespectful eyes.

On the one hand, the West is more open to the matter of “exposing the skin”, and on the other hand, it is also related to the encouraging education mentioned above.

If you live in an environment of praise and praise since childhood, you will be able to view yourself with a more appreciative and inclusive perspective, and do not regard height, shortness, fatness and thinness as shortcomings. The body is different because everyone is unique.

▍  Firm femininity

If young girls make us feel sunshine and vitality, those mature Asian women are a powerful big woman.

After all, Asian faces are a minority in the West. Whether it is an internet celebrity blogger or an actor, to stand out and gain popularity in China must have overcome unexpected difficulties, have a strong mentality and a sense of purpose that will not admit defeat.

When these Asian women stand in front of us, regardless of their appearance and body, the most direct feeling is a sense of precipitation and tenacity.

In today’s article, we talked about the more recognizable Asian girls, and we also appreciated some of their unique charms.

If you find any other characteristics of foreign Asian-American girls that are different from ours, please leave a message to add, or you can nominate other Asian-Americans you know in the comment area.

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