As women get older, try to stay away from “grandma hats”! Wear these 3 kinds of hats more to reduce age

Accessories play an important role in styling and also affect a person’s aesthetic and taste. However, if you don’t choose the right accessories, not only will it not be the finishing touch, but it will also reduce the style and fashion, and lower your personal temperament and taste!

For older women, the most common accessory in autumn and winter wear is the “hat”, which seems to be an inconspicuous embellishment, but its style determines whether your look is high-end or cheap.

It is suggested that when choosing a hat, try to stay away from the “grandma hat”. As for why? Next, please listen to me in detail~

Why are middle-aged and elderly women advised to stay away from “granny hats”?

Reason ①: “Practicality” is obviously greater than “Aesthetics”

Most granny hats on the market are designed to keep warm. It is made of knitted or wool fabrics, only focusing on warmth and ignoring the aesthetic effect of the shape , it can be said that there is no sense of fashion at all. Therefore, wearing it will give people an old-fashioned feeling, which will seriously reduce the image and temperament, and it is very tacky to look old!

② The shape is thick and easy to overwhelm the guest

Hats are only accessories after all, and can only play an embellishment role in the shape, but the design of the grandma hat is very heavy, and it will look very eye-catching when worn on the head, and it is easy to steal the limelight of the clothing . Therefore, the overall shape will not be divided into primary and secondary , it will appear disorganized, and it will give people a sense of cheapness.

③ Too close to the scalp, exposing face problems

A good hat should not only have the effect of keeping warm and embellish the shape, but also have the function of modifying the shape of the face and head. And the grandma hat is too close to the scalp, it is easy to expose the problem of big face and big head , which will affect the fashion completion of the overall shape and reduce the image temperament .

It is recommended to wear these 3 hats more, foreign style and age reduction

The first: beret

The biggest feature of the beret is its style. The “reverse oblique style” design breaks the monotony and dullness of the conventional hat type, and has its own fashion and trend attributes.

Mainly made of leather or woolen material, it is elegant, romantic and retro. It can hide the hairline very well. It is very friendly to some middle-aged and elderly women with high hairline and sparse hair due to age.

The second: wide-brimmed hat

The version of the wide-brimmed hat is upright and stiff, and it gives a solemn feeling when worn, which is more common in formal occasions. Its wide brim design can cover the position of the cheekbones and modify various face shapes .

In addition, the wide-brimmed top hat is more French in style and style, which coincides with the elegant temperament of middle-aged and elderly women , and it matches very well!

Section 3: Newsboy Cap

The version design of the newsboy cap is a bit like a traditional peaked cap, but the length of the brim is shortened and the width is increased, which is more conducive to modifying the face and head circumference .

The newsboy hat with its own literary and retro style is not young but also looks old in style. It is very frequent in the autumn and winter wear of middle-aged and elderly women. It looks simple but very advanced.

Modeling demonstration of hats and clothing

01. Beret + suit + jeans

The beret is slightly playful and lively, while the suit has its own sense of formality. The combination of the two can collide with different sparks. The sharp style contrast makes the shape more layered. Especially when paired with jeans, it creates a “semi-formal and semi-casual” style effect, which can be controlled whether it is daily commuting or the workplace.

02. Wide-brimmed hat + wide-leg pants + Chelsea boots

The wide-brimmed top hat has its own sense of luxury. Try to match it with clothing with a crisp, stylish and textured version to make the shape more integrated. The light green coat is worn with a white shirt, and the lower body is matched with knitted wide-leg pants and brown Chelsea boots. The overall dress is simple but atmospheric, showing the mature and capable temperament of middle-aged and elderly women to the fullest.

03. Newsboy cap + lamb wool coat + plaid pants

The style of the newsboy hat is literary and retro, try to choose some fashionable clothes to match it, so as not to neutralize the visual sense of age of the shape, not to pretend to be tender or old-fashioned. Paired with a lamb wool coat and plaid slacks, the style is both contrasting and echoing, which is more conducive to strengthening the sense of layering.

After reading these comparison pictures, I can’t help but sigh: When I get old, I will never wear a “grandma hat”! The other 3 hats are elegant and foreign, not to mention age reduction, and they look a few years younger than their actual age~

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