As soon as the original God Naxida PV came out, players from all over the world reached an international consensus: Destroy the Church!

In a few days, the 3.2 version of “Yuan Shen” will be launched. As the highlight of this new version – the grass god Naxida, the official also released her PV “Happy Birthday” in advance. Just one day after the launch, the number of views of Naxida’s PV has exceeded 5 million on Xiaopo Station.

“The floats are rolling, Naxida opened her eyes…” In this happy birthday PV, Naxida woke up in the flowers and green grass. She dreamed that the knights of flowers and the attendants found her, and everyone was looking forward to it. meet her. In her dream the sun was shining and everything was beautiful.

However, when the same words were repeated for the third time, everyone vaguely felt that something was wrong. Instead of the sunny grass, the story became a bloody and eerie setting, there was no happy birthday party, and no own friends.

In the last dream, Xiaocao Shen was not only taken away by the Church, but even imprisoned in a strange device. This day is obviously the birthday of Xiaocao Shen, but she can only wait here alone. The depressing environment makes her chest distressed. Mihayou’s big knife is really a bit ruthless!

In the face of this big sword that cut down the traveler, the players clenched their teeth one after another, and angrily denounced the Religious Academy and the Great Sage. Not only did the players write neat poems and mockery, but many players also felt sorry for Naxida and promised to Take action to teach Nacida a lesson to those who make her angry, and send a “Happy Birthday”.

After watching the PV, the foreign players also burst into tears on social platforms. Everyone expressed that they wanted to protect Naxida’s smile. The next flower god’s birthday festival must surround her with a happy birthday.

Unexpectedly, because of Naxida’s PV, Yuanshen players all over the world have reached a unified consensus, that is, “crowdfunding and breaking the teaching institute”, “floating carts, the end of the teaching institute is today”!

The quality of Naxida’s PV this time is higher than before. So many identical lines and different pictures not only correspond to the “Reincarnation of the Flower God’s Birthday Festival” in the game, but also show Naxida. The gap between dream and reality. Many players felt the “horror” mood in the PV, immersed in the helplessness and loneliness of the new grass god, which inspired everyone’s desire to protect Naxida.

Thousands of words come together into one sentence: “Happy birthday, Naxida” waiting for me to save you!