Arteta: Arsenal didn’t win because scoring was too inefficient

  In this round of the Premier League, Arsenal drew 1-1 away from Southampton, the first draw this season.

  After the game, Arsenal boss Arteta said the team created a lot of chances but scored too few goals to win.

  After the 1-1 draw with Southampton, Arteta said the main reason for the defeat was a lack of scoring efficiency. “We created three or four golden chances and should have scored more. It also turned out that we needed two or three to win, but we only scored one in the end. It was disappointing, created enough opportunity, but did not beat the opponent.”

  Arteta said: “The outcome of the game should have been very different and I have a lot of respect for Southampton’s performance, they were fantastic. We had two great chances in the second half but we couldn’t turn them into goals. Team Just not getting the ball into the net. It’s a lesson, we need to get back on the winning road. They put a lot of pressure on us in the second half, and the opponent’s long ball and fast break took us a lot. bitter.”

  However, Arteta did not forget to praise Xhaka, who scored 1 goal for the team. “He is really efficient, very stable and impressive. I know he is eager to maintain a high level of performance.”