ARKET’s first store in South China is in Guangzhou! Coffee tasting, canvas bag DIY limited-time experience

Nordic popular lifestyle brand ARKET

The first store in South China settled in Guangzhou Tianhuan Plaza

Not only super popular canvas bags, classic striped shirts

Also ARKET café and household items

Like a modern one-stop lifestyle market

There are also limited activities and limited-time benefits during the opening period

Take this opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and home

Tianhuan Plaza is located in the prime location of the Tianhe Road business district, and it has become a trendy social cover in Guangzhou since its opening. ARKET is located in the center of Tianhuan Square.

Take the escalator from the road to the B1 floor, and you are attracted by the large area of ​​light gray door at a glance.

The “ARKET” logo in the center and the small light boxes on both sides continue the iconic Nordic minimalist aesthetics.

The aroma of ARKET café on the side is overwhelming, and people are chatting and laughing in the outdoor café area with coffee. The scene is like the daily life of the streets of Stockholm.

Entering from the glass door, the space continues the main color of light gray, with circular chandeliers, simple style green plants, and large interview mirrors embellishing it, adding a touch of agility.

Walking through it is like visiting the home of a Nordic home blogger. Men’s clothing, women’s clothing, children’s clothing, home and coffee are clear and clear, rich and easy to browse.

Clothes and home products are high-quality basics, simple and textured. After a careful walk, it is like watching an art exhibition.

Coinciding with the change of seasons, it is a good time to visit ARKET. The full range of products in the store allows everyone to find their daily needs and live a textured autumn and winter.

The store has a wide range of clothes. Suits, windbreakers, down jackets and other autumn and winter items have been launched, and basic T-shirts and shirts can also be found.

During this time, the weather in Guangzhou is changeable, and you can wear a shirt with a thin windbreaker or a cashmere vest, which not only shows the skill of dressing, but also is practical and comfortable.

The clothes in the store are mainly in neutral colors such as white, brown and gray, which can easily meet the daily wear.

Let friends who wear ARKET tell the reason why they like it, quality must be a high-frequency word. Traceable and renewable eco-friendly fabrics, paired with clean and neat tailoring, can easily wear a high-end feel.

In addition to the clothing series, there is also a fixed coffee space in the ARKET store.

The design of ARKET café’s original wood color is different from the clothing area, which is extraordinarily warm. The island, the bar by the window, and the booth are all available. It is very comfortable to communicate with the barista, sigh coffee alone, and gather with friends.

In the store, there are not only classic coffees such as American and latte, but also seasonal limited drinks such as hot chocolate and matcha latte, to satisfy everyone’s preferences.

ARKET café has also set up an independent entrance, so you can walk in and have a cup of coffee without any burden.

As soon as you enter the home area, your eyes are healed by the comfortable beige brown, dark green and white. Before you put it at home, you can already feel the pleasant emotions they convey to the brain.

Storage baskets, blankets, cutlery and vases are all full of textures, but the designs are not overly personal, which will not violate any home decoration style, and can also add a warm atmosphere to the home.

If you want to quickly understand what kind of store ARKET is, then the opening activities of these days cannot be missed.

There are not only eye-catching check-in points, but also a limited-time hand-made experience, so you can immerse yourself in the charm of ARKET.

In the B1 atrium of Tianhuan Plaza, a 3.8m ARKET giant “shopping bag” has been placed for a limited time. The simple lines bring a sense of luxury.

If you just finished shopping in the store, the shopping bag in your hand can be used as an echo, and there will be more creative angles when you check in.

ARKET’s basic canvas bag, almost every fashion blogger has one.

During the opening of ARKET Guangzhou, handmade artist Molly will come to the scene to DIY exclusive style canvas bags with everyone!

Choose your favorite fabric, trim it to the right shape, stick it on the basic canvas bag, and you can have a one-of-a-kind ARKET canvas bag in just a few simple steps.

The materials used in the canvas bags are all recycled old fabrics, which have been artistically transformed to make the upper body versatile and fashionable.

Outside the door of ARKET, a coffee tasting truck is also parked for a limited time, serving American and lattes from ARKET café.

Take a cup of coffee, sit comfortably in the outdoor area, sigh in the autumn wind, and enjoy a moment of relaxation in the fast pace of the city.

Whether you are checking in when opening or shopping everyday, you can experience ARKET’s eco-friendly lifestyle and feel the charm of sustainable fashion.

Come to ARKET Guangzhou Tianhuan Plaza store to experience the new fun of visiting a one-stop lifestyle market!

Written by: Sending away the magic week of pigs and rounds

EDIT: Delyn who was bothered by the noise to call the police

Photography: Santo who fights with property

Design: ZiWinn for a happy weekend