ARIYA, the key to breaking the situation for Dongfeng Nissan

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On September 27, NISSAN NEXT’s first global strategic model, ARIYA, was officially launched in the Chinese market. The arrival of ARIYA officially announced the advent of Dongfeng Nissan’s electrification era.

At present, China’s new energy vehicle market is increasingly competitive. Since the independent brand has made great achievements in the new energy market, joint venture car companies have also continued to make efforts in the new energy field.

It can be seen that whether it is Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda or Nissan, these veteran forces are accumulating force to counterattack. The battle of new energy vehicles is in full swing, and starting with ARIYA, Dongfeng Nissan has also begun to carry the new banner of Japanese pure electric vehicles.

just in time

Even if the current new energy market is in a melee, this does not prevent ARIYA from becoming the focus of everyone’s attention.

On the one hand, as a heavyweight model of Japanese joint venture brands to accelerate their counterattack on the new energy track, Dongfeng Nissan ARIYA has high hopes; The expectation of future travel vision, and this product, which is built with Nissan’s “best”, represents the highest level of Nissan’s current electrification technology.

I have to say that for ARIYA, it has encountered the best era.

At present, the penetration rate of new energy vehicles has repeatedly hit new highs. According to data from the Passenger Federation, in September this year, the retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles reached 611,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 82.9% and a month-on-month increase of 14.7%. From January to September, the domestic retail sales of new energy passenger vehicles was 3.877 million, a year-on-year increase of 113.2%. Among them, the domestic retail penetration rate of new energy vehicles in September was 31.8%, an increase of 11 percentage points from the penetration rate of 21.1% in September 2021, setting a new high again.

“In the second half of 2020, the upper and lower ends of the new energy market will be the first to start. From the second half of 2021, the mid-end market will start vigorously.” On September 4, at the 10th Xuanyuan Award Launching Conference, Xuanyuan Award judges , said Xu Changming, deputy director of the State Information Center.

This also means that under the fierce offensive of new energy vehicles, the demand of mainstream Chinese consumers has been further stimulated, and the consumption structure of the entire market has gradually changed from a deformed “dumbbell” to a healthy “spindle”. At the same time, the consumption of pure electric vehicles has also begun to change from the innovative and personality-oriented monetary and social attributes to the more comprehensive utility attributes of car use. At this stage, safety and reliability have gradually become the core demands of consumers.

This change is also reshaping the competitive landscape of the new energy market. It can be seen that with the outbreak of the mainstream new energy market, the high-end car-making new force “Wei Xiaoli” has gradually fallen into a sales bottleneck. When their average monthly delivery volume was still hovering around the 10,000-unit line, the German joint venture pure electric representative of the Volkswagen ID. family exceeded 20,000 units as early as June this year. With the arrival of ARIYA, Japanese pure electric will accelerate to seize the pure electric track.

On the one hand, there are independent brands that are fierce but have not yet established a firm foothold, and on the other hand are the traditional forces that are late but aggressive. It can be said that in the chaotic new energy vehicle market, the arrival of ARIYA is just in time.

Tech moat

In fact, the Nissan LEAF (leaf) is the originator of electric vehicles.

In 2010, the LEAF, the world’s first mass-produced electric vehicle equipped with a permanent magnet synchronous motor, was released and won the 2011 Ward Global Top Ten Engine Award. As of February 2022, LEAF has achieved global sales of 684,000 units with a cumulative sales volume of 684,000 units for 8 consecutive years, with a cumulative mileage of 21 billion. It is internationally renowned for its impressive record of zero battery safety accidents. It is the well-deserved king of electric vehicle sales.

After LEAF, as the first car of the 2030 strategy, ARIYA hopes to write another legend in the history of Nissan.

As Nissan’s epoch-making global strategic pure electric vehicle, ARIYA’s confidence stems from Nissan’s 75 years of pure electric technology precipitation and more than 25 years of battery R&D and manufacturing experience. “Condensing the brilliance of human nature with 75 years of pure electric heritage, it is the pure electric all-round flagship that integrates the six benchmark product capabilities of design, performance, safety, comfort, intelligence and service, and represents the ultimate answer to Dongfeng Nissan’s pure electric.” Dongfeng Nissan Automobile Sales Xin Yu, General Manager of the Co., Ltd. and Head of the Infiniti Business Headquarters of Dongfeng Nissan Passenger Vehicle Company, once commented on it.

ARIYA was born in the new Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance to develop the world’s top cloud map professional pure electric platform. It is worth mentioning that the platform is a true native pure electric platform, and its forward-looking structural design is based on the characteristics of pure electric vehicles. It has a flat and thin battery compartment, shortens the front and rear overhangs, lowers the center of gravity of the platform, and moves all parts to The front nacelle forms a platform similar to a skateboard.

The value of Yuntu’s professional pure electric platform also lies in its full-link self-developed three-electric technology of “motor, electronic control, and battery”. In terms of motors, Nissan creatively uses permanent magnet synchronous motors and AC asynchronous motors to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, resulting in an electric excitation synchronous motor with both high performance and low energy consumption, which can be called “the motor version of VC-TURBO”; the electric control adopts 1/10000 second Ultra-high-precision motor torque control, the control accuracy is 10 times higher than that of aerospace black technology. In terms of batteries, Nissan has maintained an excellent record of 21 billion kilometers and zero major safety accidents.

The unprecedented legendary safety record and the world’s highest safety standards are the trump cards for Dongfeng Nissan to break through in the fierce market competition.

As the first car of Nissan’s 2030 strategy, ARIYA is undoubtedly the vanguard in this electrification transformation tide. According to the strategic plan, before 2026, more than 2.5 million Nissan & INFINITI models will be equipped with ProPILOT technology, accounting for more than 40% of the global electric drive market. Before 2030, 23 new electric vehicles will be launched, including 15 pure electric vehicles. All new models will be equipped with next-generation lidar systems, accounting for more than 50% of the global electric drive market.

All the performances indicate that a new chapter has been opened.

a whole new era

As a leading joint venture car company with tens of millions of users, Dongfeng Nissan has created one market legend after another in the traditional fuel vehicle market in the past 20 years. Taking Xuanyi as an example, in the first nine months of this year, Xuanyi won the champion of passenger car sales with a cumulative sales of 326,000 units, and is well-deserved as the king of the Chinese sedan market.

When the market is fully transformed to new energy, ARIYA has become the key to Dongfeng Nissan’s ice breaking and start. As the pioneer work leading Dongfeng Nissan to accelerate its embrace of electrification, ARIYA opens a new chapter in the history of Dongfeng Nissan.

Does the market still need an ARIYA? The answer is undoubtedly yes.

Looking around the current market, the epidemic situation has intensified repeatedly, natural disasters and power cuts have occurred frequently, the contradiction between supply and demand of chips has intensified, the order cycle is long and tickets are bounced frequently, and the cost of raw materials and labor is rising. It can be seen that in the face of the complicated situation, the leading new car-making forces are frequently caught in the controversy of the quality of the new car, the price reduction is subject to user complaints and rights protection, etc., and the enterprises are frequently in pain. Focusing on the needs of home users, ARIYA has naturally become the first choice of mainstream users by adopting a more rigorous and mature design scheme, so that the product has a wider range of applicable scenarios.

When the new energy vehicle market has passed the early stage of “innovators” and “early adopters”, it has entered the popularization period of large-scale replacement of fuel vehicles. It can be seen that whether it is Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda or Nissan, these old-fashioned forces that already have advantages in production experience and supply chain resources are accumulating strength to counterattack.

People-oriented corporate responsibility, more than 14 million users’ trust, and profound system power are the origins that distinguish Dongfeng Nissan from the new forces in car manufacturing.

After 19 years of market hardening and profound cultural precipitation, DFN has forged the system power to penetrate into the entire value chain. Business enterprises, R&D, manufacturing, marketing, channels and services form an efficient collaboration and efficient operation as a whole. The cornerstone of enterprise development is the endogenous driving force of the whole value chain system, which enables DFN to not be afraid of many challenges such as the epidemic and the global chip crisis. Even in the “Uka Era”, DFN can still go a long way in a stable manner. push your own limits.

When winning the second half of the new energy era, in addition to courage and determination, endurance and wisdom are also required, and accumulation and heritage are indispensable. Starting from Dongfeng Nissan ARIYA, the competition pattern of the new energy market may be rewritten.

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