Ariel Lin and Zhao Lusi’s girlishness, in addition to the objective differences in hardware, the key lies in their images

Did you find out?

Although some people have debuted in their teenage years, they rarely make people feel girly. For example, Guan Xiaotong, who often gives people a “hard-core” sense of sight.

Even though some people get older, their girlishness never disappears, such as Ariel Lin and Zhao Lusi.

Uncle Oxygen feels that, in addition to the objective differences in hardware, the key lies in whether their images have a “soft feeling”. Today, Uncle starts from a few movies to talk about the soft feeling of girls.


French sensuality in loose spring

“Spring Tale” 1990

The source of the restoration of the Rohmer Four Seasons series on station b is the inspiration for Uncle Ox to write this series. In the restored spring garden on the outskirts of France, there is a vibrant little story because of a fluffy girl.

The second actress Natasha (Florence Darrell) has a long atrium, her mouth is not delicate, and her eyes are relatively close, so she is not a sweet girly face. But Rohmer took advantage of the paranoia brought about by her close eyes and the impulsiveness brought about by her protruding mouth to better shape this somewhat scheming and generally willful character.

More clear features as you get older

In the film, her first appearance is a long shot . So the first thing we saw was her very naive outfit. A grey close-fitting top, with an A-shaped red skirt, black stockings and ballet shoes, is simple and eye-catching as if you are going to dance.

The big head, five-fifth legs, and rounded calves bring the girly texture more real.

And zooming in on us to see the details, how does such a simple outfit amplify the girlishness ?

The gray top is velvet, which is rich in texture; the generous round neckline increases skin exposure and gives a sense of breath; in addition to the bow ties, the short skirt is also subtly pulled down a few folds to make the shape more casual; the hair is loose and soft. On the shoulders; no matter how long the face is, it is still a classical beauty.

From another angle, it is still worth seeing. In addition to the velvet light and shadow changes, Byzantine bracelets and rose-colored faces are the best decorations. In terms of demeanor, although he was lying loosely on the sofa, it did not collapse, and the lines of his neck and shoulders were still dignified and straight.

The same is true for the hostess next to her. Although her posture has been relaxed enough to lift her feet on the kang, her back still uses dark energy, which is soft but not loose.

This demeanor and the softness of the costumes permeate the entire film. In particular, the outfit of the heroine (with short hair on the right) relies on her wide shoulders, thin facial features, and hard lines, and the lines of her clothes are loose to the end.

Look at the soft cardigans they both wear

And her father’s lover , her image is much sharper. The hair is straight and the lines are crisp. Although it is a long-sleeved t-shirt, the lines are more rigid than the denim jacket of the second woman. This also echoes her character – a mature girl .

Although the heroine is a serious and rational mature female image, the soft and neutral outfits fill her with a strong intellectual atmosphere, not the temperament of a female dean.

Just imagine if this body is tight and sticking to the body, is it like a flight attendant in an instant?

Of course, there are moments of arrogance, and the sudden increase in clothing revealing is synchronized with emotional breaking . Uncle will not give spoilers to the little cutie who has not seen it.


Lax and delicate Japanese girl’s mind

“Flowers and Alice” 2004

Uncle is actually not very able to empathize with the delicate girl in this movie, but the beauty of the girl in this movie makes straight men like me soften. ).

For example, the blurry, soft, and romantic ballet scenes like Degas’s pastel paintings,

The shock of a huge cherry tree suddenly appearing on a simple and real street corner,

And the most beautiful girl image of Suzuki Xing and Aoi Yu. And the two of them have no dead ends. If there are too many dead ends, the shooting angle, expressions, makeup and hair will be limited. Then it’s hard to make the image come alive . The girl is naturally not soft, but a photo with an open mouth.

The ghost girl Alice, played by Yu Aoi, contributed a lot of mischief but still cute expressions because she was going to audition for the plot .

The most touching thing is that when she auditioned for the film on the weekend and let her hair down, she did not do much styling. It’s just that they don’t usually dress up high school students, they simply drape their hair down without any sculpting . Loose and loose, as if there is a shampoo smell.

This state makes her girly beauty softer and more real. Aoi Yu’s character in the movie is also in the same state when he is in a magazine. He doesn’t have hair styled, and he looks like he is not smiling. The eyes are light, purposeless, and not pleasing.

“There’s still a pimple here”


Adult girl looking for wine fairy tale

“The Spring Night is too short, go ahead girl! 》2017

Why do girls drink late at night? Want to try adult life? want to make new friends? Want to drink and cry?

According to Uncle Oxygen’s observation, more and more girls go drinking alone in recent years . Try different cocktails like drinking milk tea without any social features. A friend of mine told me that drinking sour whiskey is like drinking milk tea with milk cap.

And the little girl in this imaginative movie is also a person, just for the pleasure of the senses, she embarks on a night journey to find the pseudo-electric white orchid.

The expressive form of animation, coupled with the director’s unpretentiousness, makes this film bright and expressive everywhere. The soft, rounded, exaggerated lines show movements that are impossible for humans. It also makes the image of the slightly drunk girl more vivid.

Soft and unrestrained body language helps to express the innocence of the girl’s personality. Even if the real person does not have to be as exaggerated as the animation, it is a little more atmospheric and lively, and it is still a girl.

Although it is an animation, the different walking postures of different image people are also shown.

For example, compared to real people drinking, although Lin Qingxia’s role is older than Yang Mi, Lin Qingxia has the soft feeling of a middle-aged girl, and Yang Mi is like an aunt who poses for photos of girls in ancient costumes in a photo studio.

Although it is not necessary for everyone to be a fluffy girl , if fluffy clothes, expressions, and manners can make a steel girl more beautiful, why not try it?