Argentina takes the lead and the world turns right

Argentina takes the lead and the world turns right

The results of Argentina’s presidential election are out. Milley, whom we talked about before, finally won the presidential throne.

Some of Millay’s campaign platforms are shocking, such as supporting the legalization of organ sales, and some are very controversial, such as gun control policies that should be as broad as possible and strictly opposed to women’s rights. He either doesn’t speak at all, or speaks in vernacular with polarizing positions. He never reconciles and loves to play with self-media, so some people call him “Argentine Trump.”

But Milley is different from Trump. What Milley wants to do is to abolish the central bank and fully dollarize it. He not only wants to cut taxes, but also cuts public expenditures. In terms of economic freedom, we can have as much freedom as possible. There will be as much freedom as possible in society.

Just like the issue of men’s rights and women’s rights, he is opposed to women’s rights, but who has the final say? He just lets them go. He has to advise anti-feminists to do everything that feminists can do.

Now that Milley has won the election, Diana Mondino has been nominated as the candidate for foreign minister. The reporter asked Diana if she would encourage trade with China and Brazil. Diana said that we would stop cooperation with the Brazilian and Chinese governments.

We don’t know whether Milley wants to carry out his campaign platform to the end, or whether he really wants to kick China and Brazil away, Argentina’s two main trading partners. Some people say it is the same on stage, while others say he may be different. But Lihua reminded me of a person and gave him a reference.

In the past, there was Huang Zhifeng in Hong Kong, who was the main element of chaos in Hong Kong. Now he is in jail and is serving time.

Joshua Wong played a big role in the chaos in Hong Kong, and then the situation calmed down and he hid in Hong Kong. As a result, the National Security Law was enacted. The next day Joshua Wong went to the US consulate to seek political asylum. Americans are not fools. Americans have calculated clearly that such a big matter is certainly worthy of Americans’ consideration.

Joshua Wong’s request for help finally reached the then Secretary of State Pompeo, who did not even mention the matter of replying to Joshua Wong with his staff. After all, the United States is a country governed by the rule of law, and when asked, political asylum is only available at home.

If you want political asylum, you must first go to the United States. If you can’t go to the United States, you can’t apply. In the end, Huang Zhifeng, who showed great strength, was abandoned like a coward.

Joshua Wong is a typical political opportunist. He doesn’t like to study when he is studying. He goes online to speak all day long. Because other people know how to protect themselves, such as wearing a mask when going out to disrupt Hong Kong, and wearing a mask when speaking online. username. Joshua Wong naturally became the figure in front of the stage.

As a result, this Huang Zhifeng, who has both ends of the spectrum, faced his group of fans who didn’t understand anything, and he said we are going to cause trouble. As a result, when facing the Hong Kong government, he publicly shouted that we were reasonable and restrained and would not make unreasonable demands. When he went back and faced the questions from those who supported him, he said that saying this was to paralyze them. The Hong Kong government still had to raise the issue. Not required.

In the end, both parties were dissatisfied. They both felt that Joshua Wong was speaking to the other side. Who was Joshua Wong for? Both parties felt that he was not for their own side. Naturally, in the end, everyone discovered that he was only for themselves. He just wanted to make a fortune for himself by inciting the people below to cause trouble.

So Joshua Wong became a political dead man, got involved in a lot of circles, and finally went to jail in despair. Well now, it is a good thing that things that cannot be learned in school can be taught in prison.

The problem before Millais is this. System changes around the world have not changed significantly in thirty years. But politicians and statesmen around the world are not very brave enough to do this in their own countries.

So when Mi Lai was born, everyone welcomed her very much. After all, it would be a great good thing if such a social experiment is not done in our own country. Now everyone is waiting for Milai to carry out the social experiment to the end.

If Millais just wants to change the presidential throne by shouting slogans, the outcome will not be much better than that of Joshua Wong. Promise to everyone and let everyone carry you, but when you go up, you will be like a rat on both ends. How can it be better?

There is no political promise that needs to be fulfilled.

There is only one way left for Mi Lai. That is to not forget the original intention and carry out the promises made during the campaign to the end. If you want to lead the world to turn right, you must lead it to the end. Since you think other countries are not free enough, then we must follow through.

We’ll wait and see.

After all, it would be great if the social experiment was not conducted in one’s own country.