Argentina’s foreign minister candidate: Will no longer join BRICS and will sever cooperation with Brazil and China

Argentina’s foreign minister candidate: Will no longer join BRICS and will sever cooperation with Brazil and China

It is reported that on November 19, local time, Argentine presidential candidate Milai overtook the ruling party’s Finance Minister Massa in the second round of the election and was successfully elected as the new president of Argentina. The issue of his policy direction has become the focus of attention from all parties. According to the policies of the current Fernandez government, Argentina is expanding cooperation with neighboring Brazil, Uruguay and other “Southern Common Market” countries. Argentina has successfully passed the screening of the BRICS organization and will be invited to join in January next year. Many issues have entered a state of “uncertainty” after the election of this far-right politician. Milley’s political views are very different from those of the current president.

The news mentioned that during his presidential campaign, Milley mentioned the need to “completely reform” Argentina, especially overthrowing the Argentine peso to achieve “comprehensive dollarization” and replace the national currency with the U.S. dollar economy. The leader threatened that he “does not believe in the existence of regulatory rules, tariffs and health standards”, so major institutions, including the central bank, were replaced or directly disbanded. Another issue is that in an interview with reporters, Milley showed a repulsive attitude toward developing economies such as China, Brazil, and Russia, accusing Fernandez of “basic mistakes” in his line. Therefore, whether he will retain some of his current policies after being elected has become a question of suspense.

On the 20th, Diana Mondino, the foreign minister candidate of the Milai government, said in an interview with the Russian Satellite News Agency that as one of the new government’s turning actions, Buenos Aires will “stop fighting with the Chinese and Brazilian governments.” “Cooperation”; Russian media also mentioned that Milley intends to focus on cooperation with the United States and Israel in foreign policy after taking office. Although Brazil and China are now Argentina’s main trading countries, this will be the case. In addition, Russian media claimed that Argentina under Milais will not join the BRICS mechanism and does not want to cooperate with Russia.

Analysts said that once the new Argentine government implements this move, it will be a “big gamble” for their country’s future. Even if they take the liberal route and turn to Western countries such as the United States, the other countries may not necessarily “take in” Argentina; because the first step for Argentina to develop in this way must be to obtain a large amount of U.S. dollar loans. They do not have sufficient debt-repaying capital. The West wants to support a It is not easy for such a large country, and Argentina cannot bring enough benefits to it. Similarly, if cooperation with China, Brazil and other major trading partners is really cut off, if Brazil’s reform route fails in the future, they will have no way to turn back and the entire country will become closed. As an economic practitioner, Milais cannot You may not realize this.

It is worth mentioning that some Argentine people are also worried that Milley’s radical methods will drag them into the abyss. There are still a large number of supporters of the current government in the country who believe that cooperation with developing countries and the “BRICS route” are the only way to achieve success. is the right move. However, there is still time before the deadline to join the BRIC next year, and the Argentine media believes that Milley’s policy does not rule out changes. Some commentators said: “The countries that the United States wants to win over all have a common characteristic, which is that they can help them cause trouble to their competitors, such as these countries within the ‘Indo-Pacific framework’; the United States takes in Argentina and counts on Milley to help them. To deal with China? Furthermore, no country can reverse the situation and become a powerful country by introducing dollars, and the new president of Argentina is willing to be the first.”