Are you ready to become a psychologist? This is the real state of counselors

Source: Xinbang dictation / Ximao copywriter / Ximao director / editor / sunny

Is it enough to learn the basics of psychology if you want to become a psychological counselor?

The answer is: not enough, far from enough. Psychology ≠ psychological counseling.

So, is it enough to learn the theory of psychological counseling?

The answer is: not enough, far from enough. After learning so much, it would be great to be able to understand what is going on with people. You can’t justify and impart knowledge to your visitors, right?

If this is the case, then learn another consulting technique, is it enough?

The answer is: not enough, far from enough. Being able to listen and speak can only show that you are good at building relationships with visitors, but how to help visitors discover problems, find solutions, and improve.

Come on, is it enough to learn about case conceptualization and advanced intervention?

Sorry sorry: not enough, not nearly enough. We can’t ask the visitors to ask questions according to the theoretical knowledge learned by the consultant.

If the counselor lacks insight into human nature, lacks life experience, and lacks a multicultural perspective, it is difficult to do a good job in psychological counseling.

If you use one sentence to image the state of the consultant, this sentence may be the most appropriate:

The consultant is either learning, or on the way of learning.

The sequelae of learning is that the more you learn, the more you don’t know, and the more you have to learn.

Outsiders may be curious, why do you have to keep learning to become a psychological counselor? Everyone has their own reasons for persistence, but there is one thing that cannot be separated from the word love.

Becoming an excellent psychological counselor requires both talent and exploration; it is difficult and highly invested; and knowing whether you have the potential to become an excellent counselor, where you have potential, and where you need to improve and People who know how to do it tend to have an easier time on this road.

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