Archaeologists entered the ancient tomb and found a tomb thief trapped. He has become part of the ancient tomb after thousands of years

I believe that readers must have seen a lot of film and television dramas about tomb robbery. In these film and television dramas, we can often see some tomb robbers who have been left in the tomb forever because they triggered the mechanism in the tomb.

Therefore, tomb robbery is also a very dangerous business, especially the kind of tomb that has not been opened for thousands of years. Even experienced tomb robbers cannot give a general idea of ​​the dangers below. arrived.

However, there was a tomb robber in history. He was not killed by the mechanism in the ancient tomb, but because of a serious internal strife with his companions in the tomb, he was finally sealed alive by him in the tomb. It was not until the 1960s when Chinese archaeologists excavated the tomb again that his remains were discovered. Due to its age, it has turned into a mummy and became part of an ancient tomb. It can be called the most unlucky tomb robber in history.

This tomb is a large ancient tomb of the Tang Dynasty, where Princess Yongtai of the Tang Dynasty was buried, the granddaughter of Wu Zetian. This is a princess who died young, before she was 18 years old. Regarding her bizarre death, there is currently no definitive statement in the historian circles. Some people say that Wu Zetian was ordered to die because of discussing Wu Zetian’s private life behind her back.

Since she is a princess, the abundance of treasures in the tomb can be imagined. It is said that after her death, Li Xian, the newly succeeded Tang Zhongzong, deliberately rehabilitated her, buried the princess generously, and built her tomb according to the specifications of a “mausoleum”. You must know that in ancient times, only emperors could use tombs of this level. As the first and last Princess Tomb named after the mausoleum in history, the things in the tomb will inevitably be coveted by countless tomb robbers throughout the ages.

Sure enough, not long after the fall of the Tang Dynasty, because the royal cemetery of the Li family was unguarded, grave robbers immediately began to plan the tomb of Princess Yongtai. When archaeologists excavated the tomb of Princess Yongtai, they discovered a robbery hole. Following this hole, archaeologists accidentally discovered a human skeleton holding an axe.

At first, archaeologists thought it was a servant who was buried for the princess. Later, when carbon 14 was measured on the bones, it was found that it came from the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, and this is a tomb of the Tang Dynasty. Obviously, this person did not belong to this ancient tomb at first. Coupled with the robbery hole next to it, archaeologists deduce that this corpse is most likely a later tomb robber.

Then why did the tomb robber end up trapped in the tomb? After the archaeologists entered the tomb, based on the jewelry scattered on the ground, it is not difficult to speculate that a serious fight occurred before this tomb. And the tomb robber who became the corpse was most likely killed by his accomplices.

Archaeologists believe that during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period, there may have been two tomb robbers working together to steal the tomb of Princess Yongtai. After going down to the tomb, they saw so many treasures in front of them. One of them had the idea of ​​monopolizing, so internal strife occurred. During the fight, one of them was killed by the other, or knocked unconscious and left in the tomb. The tomb robber who survived left the ancient tomb with gold, silver and jewels, sealed the robbery hole, and left the other one in the princess tomb forever.

Therefore, tomb robbers are still thieves after all, and all thieves have their own way are all deceptive nonsense in novels. And people die for money, birds die for food, this kind of human nature is the survival rule that grave robbers follow. Although he didn’t know the identity of the unlucky ghost in the tomb, he was obviously still too young compared to the tomb robber who walked out alive.