Archaeological discoveries: The age of “Peking Man” is about half a million years away from us

Sons are generally like their fathers, but not completely, and fathers are not completely like their grandfathers. By analogy, our ancestors or the ancestors of human beings must have some similarities with modern humans. So, here comes the question, what did human ancestors look like?

In 1927. Archaeologists have discovered ancient vertebrate fossils in Zhoukoudian, southwest of Beijing, including teeth, which are human-like but not human-like. It also looks a bit like an ape, so what kind of animal is it?

It has been determined that this fossil belongs to ape man, a kind of primitive human being between man and ancient ape. The one discovered in Zhoukoudian is called the “Chinese ape-man Peking species”, and the skull fossils of “Peking man” were discovered in the same place later. After the founding of New China, many were discovered, which provided a lot of information for archaeology to continue to study “Peking Man”.

According to expert research, the “Peking Man” lived about 500,000 years away from us. What similarities do they have with modern humans?

The upper limb bones of the “Chinese ape-man” are very similar to those of modern humans. It is certain that the Chinese ape-man can walk upright. This is the first step in the transformation of an ape-man into a human. It is of decisive significance. It can make tools. The biggest difference in animals. Studies have proved that “Beijingers” can work and create tools.

Four to five million years ago, the climate in North China at that time was warmer than it is now. There were all kinds of trees everywhere near Zhoukoudian, deep forests and dense grass. This is where “Beijingers” live. They are also the “real masters” of this pristine land.

They all live in groups in the caves built by Longgu Mountain, living an extremely simple life of primitive people. Tools were made for the convenience of life, used to round up wild animals and collect plant fruits. Such tools are very rough and are called “Paleolithic”. And the later human-improved stone tools-“Neolithic tools”.

In the caves where they lived, there were traces of burning ashes piled up, which shows that “Peking people” can already use fire and know how to cook food with fire. Because of the use of fire, human beings have also increased their ability to defend against wild animals and conquer nature. Ability.