Apple’s market value skyrocketed by $176.1 billion overnight? Will Apple continue to soar?

In recent years, Apple has always been the core company that the market pays attention to. With the development of Apple, it has become a rare evergreen tree in the market. At the close of the market on October 28, Apple even recorded an overnight surge of 176.1 billion US dollars. How should we look at Apple’s performance? Will Apple continue to soar?

1. Apple’s market value soared by $176.1 billion overnight?

According to a report from Mobile China, Apple announced its fiscal fourth quarter financial report for fiscal 2022. The data showed that Apple’s total net revenue in the fourth fiscal quarter was US$90.146 billion, or approximately RMB 654.7 billion, slightly higher than expected.

Apple’s financial report has also been recognized by the capital market. On October 28, Eastern Time, Apple’s stock price opened higher and closed higher by 7.56%, and its market value soared by US$176.1 billion (about 1,275.5 billion yuan) overnight, the largest single-day increase since April 2020. It can be seen that the global High-end hardware is still in high demand.

It is understood that the iPhone remains Apple’s most important source of revenue, generating $42.6 billion in revenue. The Mac product line had revenue of $11.51 billion and the iPad product line had revenue of $7.17 billion. In addition, Apple’s other product revenue and services revenue also came to 9.65 billion US dollars and 19.19 billion US dollars.

It is worth mentioning that Greater China remains one of the most important regions for Apple’s business. In the fourth quarter, Apple generated $15.47 billion in revenue in Greater China, an increase of about 6% from $14.563 billion in the same period last year.

According to a report from Zhongguancun Online, this quarter’s performance was very bright, which is not unrelated to the hot sales of the iPhone 14 Pro series. iPhone revenue reached US$42.63 billion, a year-on-year increase of 9.67%. However, the channel price of the iPhone 14 Pro series has been exposed before, and the whole series is lower than the official website price. It is hard to say how long Apple’s high stock price can last.

2. Will Apple continue to soar?

We have seen that the current market value of Apple has been rising all the way, and there has been a special situation where it has risen by 176.1 billion overnight. So what should we think of the current Apple’s exaggerated market performance?

First of all, the reason why Apple has such a massive uptick is clearly related to the performance of its Q4 fiscal 2022 earnings report, which led to a massive market-aligned reaction due to Apple’s higher-than-expected earnings performance in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022. , Against this background, Apple’s stock price actually opened higher and moved higher, showing a clear market development trend, and the global demand for Apple’s high-end hardware is rapidly increasing. Let’s take a closer look at Apple’s current financial report. The iPhone is still Apple’s most important source of revenue. It has generated $42.6 billion in revenue for Apple. The revenue of MAC products and iPad products is also quite good. It can be said that the current Apple has actually formed a comparison. The competitiveness and appeal of the strong hardware market, especially when the consumer electronics market is showing a clear downward trend, the current performance of Apple is even more difficult.

Secondly, let’s take a closer look at the current performance of the entire market. The most interesting performance of the Chinese market is that Apple has generated $15.47 billion in revenue in Greater China, an increase of 6% compared to the same period last year. It can be said that Given the relatively poor consumer market itself, China’s market performance has also helped Apple gain good market competition, which is the key reason why Apple has achieved a sufficiently good market performance. It can be said that the contribution of the Chinese market has also helped Apple to achieve a good enough performance in the market, which is currently Apple’s core market competitive advantage.

Third, although Apple’s financial report performance is very beautiful, the characteristics of Apple itself actually have a certain crisis, this is because for the current Apple, its appeal to the market is actually weakening, but due to this It is a mediocre era, and the market appeal of other mobile phones and corresponding electronic products is not strong, which gives Apple more advantages. However, behind the phenomenon of Apple’s series of new products breaking out, it actually brings more hidden worries to the market. If Apple cannot make a difference in this regard, it is very likely that there will be great risks. Therefore, for Apple’s market performance, we still have to use a more calm attitude to judge, Apple’s future may still need more space for market development. Apple needs more profit growth points and market competitive advantages, which may be the core of Apple.