Apple’s App Store advertising space now provoking public anger about gambling content, officially announced that it will be removed

[gearbest News] Apple recently made changes to the App Store layout overseas, aiming to allow it to display more ads and thus generate more ad revenue. However, these new ad slots pose a major problem. People are starting to notice that these ad slots are increasingly being used to promote gambling apps. Apple has stopped showing these ads on the platform after an online backlash.

Apple App Store

When Apple changed the layout of the App Store to increase the number of ads displayed on the platform, many of the ad slots were bought by developers who developed gambling apps. So much so that when iPhone users opened the new App Store, Apple started highlighting these gambling apps to those users.

Many people who saw the ads, including app developers, were quick to express their disappointment and anger on social media. After an online backlash, Apple said it had suspended ads promoting gambling and “several other categories” from appearing on App Store product pages.

However, while these problematic ads have disappeared from the new ad slots, the ad slots themselves remain there and continue to display ads from other app categories. Apple’s move to take money from gambling apps has also led many to accuse the company of being greedy. They also accused Apple of breaking away from the spirit of its former CEO, Steve Jobs.