Apple also fights memory? iPhone 15 Pro may use 8GB of memory

Due to the different operating mechanism of iOS, the memory dependence of iOS is much lower than that of Android. However, as the function and volume of the application become larger and larger, Apple also has to consider increasing the memory capacity of the iPhone, otherwise it will always cause user dissatisfaction by killing the background. Some time ago, TrendForce released a report saying that the iPhone 15 Pro will use 8GB of memory.

Due to the high level of attention of the iPhone, this news also rushed to the hot search on Weibo.

The report mentioned that Apple will also release 4 products in the iPhone 15 generation, including 2 standard versions and 2 Pro versions, of which the Pro version will still use the latest chips, and the memory capacity will be higher than the standard. Comes to 8GB. This will further widen the gap between the Standard Edition and the Pro.

It seems that Apple intends to increase sales of the Pro version to ensure high profits.

But for now, even if the memory is improved, iOS may still kill it, mainly because of the tombstone mechanism of iOS. Of course, in the future, Apple may adjust the background strategy of iOS to take advantage of large memory.