Anxious! LPL whistleblower angrily scolded Doinb: You make money by yourself, and scold other whistleblowers?

Although the S12 World Championship is not over yet, the melons in the LPL transfer period have been exhausted, and there are new news breaking out almost every day, which makes people overwhelmed. The most frequent leaker should be the well-known Weibo leaker “E-sports Circle No. 77”. He has disclosed news of many teams in the past few days, and he also received a response from the WBG boss. It seems that there is indeed an insider in the circle. of people. However, on the 29th, on the 77th, he suddenly posted an angry message against doinb, which caused a lot of heated discussions.

The specific content of his post is as follows. He said: I used to like this player very much, and I thought his live broadcast was interesting, but recently I can’t praise his quality. He broke the news of the transfer period of other clubs and players by himself. To scold other whistleblowers, I don’t make money by whistleblowing, and this player’s popularity is just for live broadcast income, what qualifications does he have to scold me?

Although it is not clear which player is named, but when it comes to “live broadcast popularity”, many people think of doinb for the first time. It happened that doinb did mention this during the live broadcast the night before. He said: Some marketing accounts spread the news before the transfer period started. Anyway, if they were wrong, just pretend to be dead. They are the owners of the club. Or an employee? Don’t believe them, everything they say is false, I’m different from them, I don’t say it because things haven’t been decided yet. Of course, doinb also admitted: I must eat the heat of the transfer period, and I depended on this to eat when I didn’t enter the World Championship.

So it should be that this speech on doinb’s live broadcast made No. 77 very uncomfortable to hear, so he directly posted a message on Weibo and scolded it. In the comment area, many netizens also said: It may be the fake news that doinb broke with Tian Zhongye and broke with Ale on the 77th, so doinb is angry.

And No. 77 also gave a response, he said again: Doinb and Tian broke up in the middle of the field, and the matter between him and Ale, I heard that Ale was replaced by the mid-laner request, so I felt that the middle and top broke, and then Ale’s attitude was good and he returned to the starting lineup. The words he used at that time might break. This was indeed his own problem, and the words were not used well.

Of course, some people said that doinb may want to eat the cake of the transfer news alone, and some people said that many accounts that broke the news before did indeed say a lot of fake news, which caused a lot of trouble to the players.

personal opinion

In fact, when it comes to breaking the news during the transfer period, anyone with information resources can break the news. In fact, whose news is more accurate in the end, and whose news comes out earlier, is the key to the final judgment of whether the news is reliable. The reason why No. 77 is being scolded now is because Ale himself refuted the rumor after the last time it broke the news that LNG had broken up, and then he teamed up with doinb crazily. He was scolded by doinb fans all the time, and this time he was mocked by doinb again, so he was in a hurry. Posted a direct response. But in fact, the people who follow him mainly want to watch the breaking news, not the line-up. If they want to prove the authenticity of their news, they will use the results to judge after the transfer period ends!

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